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    Sold/Expired Besson 700 cornet for sale

    tee hee!! never been known for my patience!!! Thanks for the reply - I'll just leave it on here for now then and try to stop drumming my fingers :-)
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    Sold/Expired Besson 700 cornet for sale

    ah well, was worth a try but looks like nobody on here is interested? Does anyone have any ideas as to where else I could try to advertise to try to generate some interest? Cheers Ann-Marie
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    Sold/Expired Besson 700 cornet for sale

    FOR SALE Besson 700 cornet - includes: Hard case Dennis Wick mouthpiece Straight mute Tin mute Dennis Wick adjustable cup mute Excellent condition other than VERY slight damage (that has been repaired) on the bell. Not particularly noticable. Would need to collect from...
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    Tameside Open Championships 2006

    Denton will be there in the 4th Section. Does anyone know if there is a full list of bands for all sections available for this contest?
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    Dogs or Cats?

    Well I have 2 cats (Guinness and Murphy) and 1 dog (Tia). I suppose I prefer dogs but also love my cats. The only thing with a dog, it's like having a child. I needed to book a dogsitter (my brother) for Pontins and the Areas!! It's a good job he doesn't want paying!! I'm sure I should be...
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    Whats your worse advert...?

    There I was reading the topic thinking exactly the same as Jenzi!!! I hate the Sheila's Wheels advert enough on TV, but when it's on the radio when you are driving to work - aaarggghhhhh. Maybe they are hoping to monopolise on all those people who are refused insurance by other companies after...
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    Not quite new but..........

    As you can see, I am not a new member but I haven't been on the site properly for absolutley ages. Last time I was here, I was playing 3rd cornet for St John's Mossley. I left there due to other commitments and played front row, then rep then flugel for a non-contesting band - St Johns...
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    Random words beginning with T

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    In which section do you play?

    Mossley St Johns - 4th Section
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    Which media celeb would you stick in Room 101?

    Anthea Turner - it is hard to put into words how much I dislike that woman!!! I suppose Linda Barker would be second on my list........ and third - well as Dave pointed out, the list could be never ending, I could go on all day...........
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    Bargain of the century

    Well, I take it back - there is logic in there............ It is the "some people out there have more money than sense" logic!!!!
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    Bargain of the century

    Now I really can't think why no one has placed a bid for that!! I am sure there is some logic there somewhere - maybe the 'too much alcohol' logic (although it was only just after 8pm it was put up, so maybe not!!)??
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    Well... here goes, I am re-opening tMP

    It's going to take some getting used to but it looks great. Well done to the Team!
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    Preparing for emergenices

    Well, I see the link to that site still exists despite the fact the Government were trying to have it removed!!! :lol: Was just as funny when I read this the second time round. I have noticed that the advert for the 'real' thing is being shown quite a lot - has anyone actually received...
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    wot is ur fav song

    Maybe a good song for us but not for the poor taxi driver who has to take us home!!! Even after 12 pints though - at least one of us gets the words right :D