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    Using Paraffin or petrol to clean valves/slides

    Sodium bicarbonate (bicarbonate of soda) is great for cleaning instruments, think I learnt that from a post on here. Being a bit alkaline it neutralises all the acidic stuff from your mouth. Seems to be really good at shifting the cr@p that collects round the water keys. I soak in the bath with...
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    Using Paraffin or petrol to clean valves/slides

    There's also valve oil with tiny particles of PTFE in it, which seems to work pretty well. Regarding WD40, it works spectacularly well for the first 30 seconds or so, and then turns to the consistency of axle grease! A lubricant it is not, it's the exact opposite of valve oil, which is made to...
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    Eccleston Brass Band seeks Bass and Trombone players

    The Eccleston Brass Band based in Eccleston, near Chorley, Lancs seeks bass and trombone players to join a busy 2nd Section band with a full calendar of marches, concerts and social events. If you are interested contact the Secretary, Carolyn Musgrave on 01772 424487 or by e-mail to...
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    Area Pieces 2012

    If you haven't been sent it yet you can download it here:
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    Area Pieces 2012

    So if the errata don't come out until a couple of weeks before, that's not very fair, is it? Given that the adjudicator will have the score in front of them (which is correct) and not my part (which isn't) I'll stick with the alterations based on the score, I think!
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    Area Pieces 2012

    Defnitely new errata needed for Cross Patonce......the new solo cornet parts have loads of errors in. I'm disappointed to say the least that a piece being used for the Areas has so many errors in it, especially given the solo cornet parts have been "re-done"! FWIW this is what we've found in...
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    Greatest Cornet Solo EVER!!!!!!!!

    That's seriously impressive, the one time I tried it without dots at rehearsal was also the last!
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    Greatest Cornet Solo EVER!!!!!!!!

    I have a video somewhere of him doing Carnival of Venus live at a brass symposium in the US - he even hands out copies of the solo parts to the audience so they can see if he's playing it right or not!
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    Greatest Cornet Solo EVER!!!!!!!!

    I'm just waiting for someone to transcribe Allen Vittsuti's "Carnival of Venus" for band. The most insane version of Carnival of Venice ever. Think it may still be on YouTube? it is... Also watch him playing the Del Staigers version....especially the last...
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    Calling all brass band arrangers: 'Wherever you are' by Mulitary Wives Choir

    Paul Mealor (who wrote this) said on Twitter earlier on today that a wind band version is on the way - so I asked him if there was any chance of a version for brass band (before I'd seen the replies to this). he's @PaulMealor if you want to send him a tweet.
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    Bands on Twitter

    Eccleston Brass are on:
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    Drinking At moment

    Banks's Fine Fettle, delicious, and only £1.19 a bottle in Booths.........later, Bombadier Burning Gold, or Jennings Cocker Hoop.
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    Now proven - trombones are supersonic! This explains a lot........
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    Another bunch of NIMBYs?
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    Security Issues...........

    I don't think Norton have updated their SafeSearch thingy yet - it's pretty far from instant on updates of sites that are "less popular" (whatever that means, it's pretty vague on definitions). If you try (some arabic blog site) in the SafeSearch it also flags as caution...