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    New to British Brass World

    The Fodens competition is open to all standards, just sign up and come along!
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    German Championships 2016

    Enjoyed the weekend, very enthusiastic crowd and we shared accommodation with 3BA. Great venue, good beer and party atmosphere. They know how to do it it seems!
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    Boosey & Hawkes (Besson) – The True Story

    Thanks for confirming what many of us had been told. I visited during the lottery years, and 2 of the "New" BBbs I tried wouldn't even let air through them, completely blocked.
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    Welcome to the Real World Al!

    It also says the highest placed band 18 months before is invited, to give more warning/planning time in line with all the other qualifiers, including Wales and Scotland I believe. The qualifying band this year in October will go in 2017, not 2016. And DK won't have much of a choice to make...
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    Welcome to the Real World Al!
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    Most surprising result for a long time?

    To be honest, it's a contest. Only 1 band is generally happy! Most recordings are now around on Soundcloud etc. Have a listen and make your own minds up!
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    Kapitol Rules

    +1. It's OUR hobby, yet we are so locked in by old rules.
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    Bass question

    BBb's are in the Army brass bands, even for marching. H+S was suddenly dropped when they wanted Brass Bands!! RAF Central always had a BBb and an EEb I think, I believe Dave Richards is still their BBb, and a great one at that. There's no reason why BBb's shouldn't sound as impressive as...
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    Lt-Col Ray Steadman-Allen

    Hymn at Sunrise, Beacons and Seascapes are three of my favourite ever "test" pieces. He also wrote a march for Freckleton Band when I was there, a true gent, cheap price and a belter, all handwritten. Wonder how many other gems there are that the general band world will never hear like this one?
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    Tuba Gig Bag - Yamaha Neo

    MF3 is good, although bigger it's comfy. I'm dallying with a MF "H" at the moment due to a role change at band!!!! Try for comparisons!
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    Tuba Gig Bag - Yamaha Neo

    Sorry, you'd have to find a retailer. Mine's 20 years old!
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    Tuba Gig Bag - Yamaha Neo

    I have a Reunion Blues one that fits, And Mr Tuba also sells one that works well.
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    2014 National Finals test piece rumour.....

    Test-Pieces The Test Pieces for the 2014 National Championships CHAMPIONSHIP SECTION The Legend of King Arthur for Brass Band (Peter Meechan) Published by Peter Meechan Music. Link: SECTION ONE The King’s Lie (Stan Nieuwenhuis) Published by Band Press VOF...
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    Yorkshire Areas 2014

    One of them has been "remastered". I think the tinny original is there too.