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    Info Needed

    I have another favour to ask. One of my friends is playing Czardas by V.Monti and is having trouble finding information on the composer. If anyone knows anything it would be helpful.
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    What instrument is the most popular

    It's a proven fact that Baritone players are just rubbish Euphonium players that can't get into other bands!! :wink:
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    National Youth Championships at the RNCM, Manchester

    Watch out for Northants County Youth Brass Band! 3rd last year and 2nd this year, things can only get better!
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    Info Needed

    Thanks to everyone for the information its coming in very useful. All that remains is to find some on the Ernest Young Euphonium Sonata. Thanks Again :D
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    Info Needed

    For my A-level music recital I need to prepare program notes on all my pieces. The only problem with this is that the four composers and pieces I need information on do not have much available info. If any one has any information on these four pieces and composers I would appreciate it...