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    British Bandsman Editor thread

    Anyone who knows Kenny Crookston knows that he is someone who is passionate about the Brass Band movement (being steeped in its traditions) and at the same time is equally passionate about the movement moving forward successfully and fairly into the future. He is an excellent choice as BB...
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    Books on Brass Arranging

    I hope this doesn't sound to much like a blatent advert - but just to say that over the last three years I've been working on a new book 'Arranging and Scoring for Brass Band' which is due to be published shortly. It is a comprehensive book dealing with many aspects of arranging and scoring...
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    2004 Open Results

    Well done to all the winners yesterday and in particular to all the players and everyone associated with fellow Scottish bands, Co-op and Kirkintiloch. Congratulations. Andy Duncan,
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    How do I go about arranging? (legality wise)

    Tewkeshorn, The law which concerns any potential arranger for brass band is the 'Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988'. It states (very clearly) that it is an offence to begin to arrange or adapt a work which is in copyright without first having the agreement of the copyright holder -...
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    Who has snow?

    There's plenty of snow, wind and general wintery weather arrived up here in Lewis today coming straight from the North pole - it's very cold indeed! It's supposed to be moving further south overnight, so be prepared:!: Andy Duncan
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    Sold/Expired 'Divertimento for Tenor Horn' by Andrew Duncan

    Divertimento for Tenor Horn (the best selling item in the Lewis Music Press catalogue over the last six months) is currently on offer at only £4.99 for 'Divertimento for Tenor Horn' (with piano accompaniment) and only £18.99 for 'Divertimento for Tenor Horn' (with brass band). These...
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    Box or no box......

    Hi all, I seem to be swimming against the tide of opinion here, but I think the time has come for open adjudication. It would attract more (and hopefully some very good) people to the absolutely crucial task of adjudication - Not everyone is willing to spend eight hours stuck in an old...
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    Sold/Expired LEWIS MUSIC PRESS

    Lewis Music Press Visit for all arrangements and compositions by Andrew Duncan. Arrangements for Brass Band Original Compositions for Brass Band Music for Brass Quintet Solo Pieces with Piano Accompaniment Also - you can now listen to many new sound clips and by...