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    Scottish Challenge Cup & Shield

    Hi all, The Scottish Cup & Shield changed to the Scottish Challenge Contest last year. Whilst it is unfortunate that the date clashes with BIC the "Festival of Brass" has previously been held over two weekends. We did considered other alternative dates but was simply not possible as it would...
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    2015 Scottish Championships

    I know! I am impressed! 6 correct placings! Should I go work for 4barsrest?
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    2015 Scottish Championships

    Thought I'd give this a wee go.... Championship Section - my predictions are 1st Whitburn, 2nd Co-op 3rd Kirky 1st Section -1st Boness, 2nd UNISON 3rd Newtongrange 2nd Section - 1st Arbroath, 2nd B&L 3rd Shotts 3rd Section - 1st Renfrew, 2nd Barrhead 3rd Langholm 4th Section - 1st Whitburn...
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    Borders Entertainment Contest 2014

    RESULTS Borders Contest 1 Tullis Russell Mils 2 Shotts St Patricks 3 Irvine & Dreghorn 4 St Ronans Silver 5 Langholm Town 6 Selkirk Silver 7 Annan Town 8 Jeforest Instrumental 9 Tullis Russell Intermediate 10 Hawick Saxhorn 11 Buckhaven & Methil Miners 12 Barrhead Burgh 13...
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    Fife Charities September Contest

    results: 1 Bo'ness & Carriden (C. Farren) 195 2 Kingdom Brass (D. McLeod) 194 3 Bon Accord (S. Malcolm) 193 4 Newmilns & Galston (A. Cameron) 192 5 Lochgelly (K. Letham) 191 6 Tullis Russell Mills (P. Drury) 190 7 City of Discovery (E. Tonner) 189 8 Coalburn Silver (G. Bowman) 188 9 Arbroath...
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    Borders Contesr 2013

    This is one of the best contests in Scotland! It is very well run and in good venues with very helpful stewards. Really cant fault anything. Very sad to hear that there may be changes in the committee that run this event next year, just my personal opinion but if it aint broke dont fix...
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    Cheltenham 2013: post-contest photos

    I paid for the large photo on the day and was told it would be sent to us within a few weeks. Not heard anything from these people....
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    Borders Contesr 2013

    I believe there are 21 bands entered this year. Does anyone have a full line up?
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    Soprano Cornet Player Wanted

    The soprano seat has now been filled however we could still do with an additional solo cornet player. Anyone interested in a joining please feel free to contact me Alan
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    Land of Burns 2013

    Does anyone have a full list of which pieces the bands played?
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    Land of Burns 2013

    Result: 1. Co-operative Funeralcare (Allan Ramsay) - 95 2. Whitburn (Anne Crookston) - 94 3. Newmilns & Galston (N/K)- 90 4. Downshire Brass (Michael Alcorn) - 89 5. Tullis Russell Mills (Paul Drury) - 88 6. Johnstone Silver - 87 7. Coalburn Silver - 86 8. Newtongrange Silver - 85 9...
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    areas 2014

    When do we find out?
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    Land of Burns 2013

    Coop Coalburn Clackmannan Downshire brass Fishburn Irvine Johnstone Kilmarnock Newmilns & galston Newtongrange Shotts Tullis Russell Mills Whitburn
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    Soprano Cornet Player Wanted

    Still a soprano seat going...
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    Northern Counties Contest 2013

    In what was a close run 2013 Northern Counties contest, adjudicator Bryan Allen plumped for Kirkintilloch Kelvin's varied programme featuring Gordon Kyle in the arrangement of 'Live and Let Die' . Directed by Charles Kennan, they retained the Champion's trophy which is becoming very familiar...