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    Norwegian Brass Band Championships 2016

    Hi, not sure active this forum is still but I'll post here anyway incase someone might be otherwise missing out! The championships kick off tomorrow and go through to saturday night. A decent, deceivingly difficult but easy on the ears test piece for the championship bands on the friday and a...
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    The perfect test piece

    Going by this I would opt for Goldberg 2012 by Svein Henrik Giske, a monster of a piece full of technique and music. I don't think it will ever receive a 'perfect' performance, neither on the stage or in the studio. I'm also a Spiriti fan, but then again I would be after having played it a fair...
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    Siddis Brass 2014

    Ellos Norway's entertaintment competition, Siddis Brass, kicks off this coming Saturday from Stavanger's new concerthall. As always it'll be streamed live by TV2 Sumo. I think it costs around a fiver for a months subscription...
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    brighouse Xmas record....only listen if your sitting down.

    I hated christmas at the best of times.. thanks a lot briggus.... :S
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    Reality TV series following Eikanger-Bjørsvik (English subs)

    Haha nice, I bet that made for some exciting reading, they use a lot of local dialect and phrases round here! The subs aren't 100% perfect, there are a few funny errors, but its definitely a mahoosive improvement on google translate ;)
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    Reality TV series following Eikanger-Bjørsvik (English subs)

    Ello all, The Norwegian equivalent of the BBC have produced a reality documentary focusing on the Brass Band scene around the Bergen area with Eikanger in the spotlight - "Korpsfiksert" (Brass obsessed). The first two episodes have gone out in Norway and have had a really good reception, both...
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    Norwegian Championships live streaming

    Haha thanks Andy. I also played with Tomra who got 3rd in the first div, which was a great result for them. A good weekend!
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    Tenor horn grade 8 pieces - advice needed!

    Looks like you were the only one itching to say that afterall :)
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    Norwegian Championships live streaming

    Good luck to all competing today and tomorrow, hope there are a fair few tuning in, its a bargain boccing offer. Will be a great show :)
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    SIDDIS Brass 2012

    Yeah seems someone forgot to pay for an international license or two!! Oh well hopefully most of it will make it to youtube.
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    SIDDIS Brass 2012

    Ello all, Haven't seen any other thread about this, but then again I'm not around much, so may have overlooked. Tomorrow is SIDDIS Brass, Norway's equivalent of 'Brass in Concert' held in Stavanger. You can find full details of times etc here...
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    Robert Childs & Cory

    YBS was sliiiightly different scenario methinks :p
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    European Recordings

    Dont you just love it when people get their thesauraus out and disect other people's posts with multi-quote responses, I know I do. Why do you want YBS 06 Rob, wasnt the test piece a bit of a shocker? And besides, the first bari part was probably splat all over the place..
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    Besson New Standard Eb Tenor Horn thinking of buying

    imperial nope. Globe stamp B&H or a 15-20 year old sovereign would be the best bet. The JP range is good, very good value, depends what standard you play to as to what you get out of the instrument. In most cases you get what you pay for.
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    Degeneration of banding today

    Erm.. Is this an english speaking band? Or am I the only one who isn't entirely following things here...