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    2013 Area Test pieces rumours.

    Get you becoming accustomed to prize money :cool:
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    Paddy's L&SC Area - 2011

    Nope, I think we (Brighton) have that honour coming 7th in the 3rd section on our first visit to Butlins - we all thoroughly enjoyed it and were very pleased with our result after a very tough year or so. Looking forward to next year already :biggrin:
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    scaba Autumn Contest 2010

    Us too :(
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    SCABA Entertainment Contest 2010

    Well done Friary - what a cracking weekend !
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    World Cup Rules

    I've always liked you Tom :biggrin:
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    World Cup Rules

    You are in big trouble :ranting2:
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    Anyone rehearse Wednesdays in London?

    Crystal Palace band rehearse in SE London on Weds. public transport is fairly good. Contacts are on their website Elspeth
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    Yep, thirded ! Thoroughly recommend them. It was our first recording and it was a really enjoyable experience with great results.
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    Can anyone suggest any good "Pop Music" Arrangements.

    Really ? I never would have guessed :rolleyes: :biggrin:
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    Guildford may be in danger of losing it's Brass Band

    Too right, unfortunately it not easy - particularly in the South with the price of land etc... ps Not having a go as I know Staines worked very hard to get their bandroom :clap:
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    Northfleet Brass Contact?

    Have sent you a pm
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    Cornet Parts

    I ordered a one for a Sovereign from Normans at 10pm on Tues night and it was waiting for me when I got home tonight :clap: £2.18 inc. postage not bad either. Just got to have the fight to fit it now !
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    If you could choose 3 things

    Here you go Rik
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    Mario Kart on Wii

    Right - I've connected up now, will be pming my friend code to you all in a minute :biggrin:
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    Mario Kart on Wii

    Ah thanks - I'll give that a try :biggrin: