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    Can't speak for Black Dyke but with BAYV not attending any local contests since 2000 they seem to have disappeared from the Welsh grading table completely. How spooky..............
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    Buy As You View Press release

    A rival to the Welsh Association? Now there's an idea...
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    Rienzi - errata sheet

    Why is it that every time a new (and I use this term in the loosest possible way, particularly where Rienzi is concerned) testpiece is announced there seems to be an errata sheet as long as your arm? Surely it the duty of any serious publisher to ensure that all details are correct before...
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    Treorchy 13th November-where are all the Bands?

    Not sure that one lucky result constitutes a roll...
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    Treorchy 13th November-where are all the Bands?

    There's nothing wrong with having a "Championship Section" view Suz. The reality of top level banding is that money has to be spent. A good conductor (quite rightly) costs money. If a band is going to take any contest seriously then this money will need to be spent. The prize money alone is...
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    Treorchy 13th November-where are all the Bands?

    I wasn't referring to the technological advancements in S. Wales, but the apparent inability of the SEWBBA to move with the times and keep up to date with the realities that dictate the current trends in banding. The question must be asked as to WHY the bands are not supporting these...
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    Treorchy 13th November-where are all the Bands?

    I sometimes wonder if they've got electricity yet in 'SEWBBAland' never mind the internet...
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    Treorchy 13th November-where are all the Bands?

    The problem with centralisation in Wales is that as soon as you try to do this, you immedeately make it difficult for everybody (ok, almost everybody). It makes it fair, but daft. I would hate to see a Welsh contest take place outside Wales, but Birmingham is the most central. If we were to have...
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    Treorchy 13th November-where are all the Bands?

    It seems that the SE Wales association have shot themselves in the foot once again. This is not the first time decisions have been made and the last people to know have been the bands themselves. I refer of course to the 'Champion Band of Wales' debacle last year (and before all the Gogs have...
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    Rienzi - Wagner arr. Howard Lorriman

    Personally I feel it is a truly ludicrous choice of testpiece for the area. Why do the powers that be persist in picking these dreary arrangements of orchestral music which, quite frankly should be left to the orchestras. If I'm not mistaken, bands made the bold leap towards original music in...
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    Is Band Instrumentation outdated?

    Not too sure about that particular instrumentation, but I certainly like the idea of bands becoming more flexible in their approach to the instruments used. I don't see why bands should be made to stick to brass band orientated instruments. I'm not advocating re-scoring any existing original...
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    4barsrest retrospective

    Why do people have a problem with 4br expressing their opinions? Yes, it's true that the only opinion that really counts is that of the adjudicator(s), but if one is to provide a good all round information service then opinion must play a large part, especially when it concernes something as...
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    Just been listening to an interesting debate on Radio 2 about the inclusion of darts as an olympic sport. It begs the question, Is it about time Brass Banding was included as an olympic sport...? :lol:
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    Unlikely siblings

    Jeremy & Ernie Wise David Hirst & Geoff Hurst :lol:
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    Pines of Rome

    This is a really fabulous story. I remember being told it many years ago by David Staff, the famous natural trumpet player. I believe it relates to the horn player Tony Tunstall, and took place on his final day at the ROH before retiring. Just proves that even the so called 'Great conductors'...