The new website for Pendeen Silver Band went live on 20th June, 2012The website boasts a modern, colourful design and is divided into three main sections: who we are, engagements, updates and event gallery. Each page provides detailed information on all aspects of the organisationís activities.The launch of the new website, which offers quick and easy access to essential information on Pendeen Band, is part of the organisationís ongoing efforts to enhance the quality and availability of information to members and supporters worldwide.The websiteís user-friendly nature provides users with more efficient access to Pendeen Silver Band information.

Darren Jenkin, Musical Director commentated "This new website will help us promote the Junior and Main Bands and will let us build on our success at the Whit Friday Marches."
"This website will help us recruit the players we need to strength the band for the SWBBA Championships this autumn and the National Qualifiers next year.

The website was developed by west Cornwall website design company, Zedoary.