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Whilst some of you may already be aware of the site that launched a couple of weeks ago, we thought we should announce this to those of you that hadn't stumbled across us just yet! is a new site dedicated to the latest news from the brass band world. Whether its news story about a championship section band, or a non-contesting band, All4Brass are here to cover it all.

We are particularly interested in the news stories and press releases of lower section bands and contests.

With over 800 bands in the UK, more than 600 of these are 2nd section and below, and we here at All4Brass believe that the lower section bands and contests are no less important.

As well as press releases and news features from bands, we shall also be keeping you up to date with the latest

  • Sheet Music Releases
  • Contest Details & Results
  • Concerts
  • Vacant Seats Within Bands

Furthur details can be found at

press releases can be sent to and we aim to publish ALL items sent to us, no matter how small the story may seem

We hope you visit us regularly and look forward to hearing from you in the future.
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