Please find below the results of the LBBA Spring Festival: Solo, Duet and Quartet competition held at Groby Community College on Sunday 1st April.

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Section A: Junior Slow Melody (10 yrs and under)
1. Freddie Buchanan Hathern Youth
2. Joshua Watson Harborough
3. James Glover Crich Brass

Section B: Junior Slow Melody (11-14 yrs)
1. Harry Lear Leics Co-op
2. Harriet Coulton Ratby Mid
3. Will Thirkell Shirland Welfare Training

Section C: Junior Slow Melody (15 18 yrs)
1. Lewis Squires Ireland Colliery
2. Richard Bates Gresley Colliery
3. Jack Rudin Enderby

Section D: Junior Air Varie (18 yrs and under)
1. Freddie Buchanan Hathern Youth
2. Harry Lear Leics Co-op
3= Bethan Brown Leics Co-op
3= Lewis Squires Ireland Collery

Section E: Open Slow Melody
1. Daniel Brooks Brighouse & Rastrick
2. Patrica Woodings Newhall
3. Louise Edgar Leyland

Section F: Open Air Varie
1. Sarah Lenton Fairey
2. Glen Birks Shirebrook (Unison)
3. Daniel Brooks Brighouse & Rastrick

Section G: Open Duets
1. D Brooks & S Lomas -Brighouse & Rastrick and Leyland
2. S Dixon & J Priestly Leics Co-op
3. A Whittle & L Squires Chapeltown and Ireland Colliery

Section H: Junior Quartet Hymn Tune (14 yrs and under)
1. Hathern Youth
2. Shirland A
3. Leics Co-op B

Section I: Junior Quartet (18 and under)
1. Leics Co-op A
2. Ratby Youth B
3. Ratby Youth A

Section J: Open Quartet
1. Blidworth Miners Welfare
2. The Wigston Band B
3. Leicstershire Co-operative B

Section K: Open Percussion
1. Edward Brown Hathern Training

Congratulations to all of the prize winners above, and to everyone for taking part.