Came across this the other day on Steven Mead's Twitter feed. It's a new embouchure trainer designed to improve lip strength and I just wondered what all you intelligent bandspeople make of it. Here's the description provided on

We are delighted to present this new EMBOUCHURE STRENGTHENER FOR BRASS PLAYERS.
Steve writes: "I have tested this brand-new device for some weeks now and can vouch that it absolutely works! I thought my lips were already quite strong, but using this device each day is something that I intend to do from this point on. Although you can feel immediate benefit, sustained use for both brass and wind players is sure to really increase the strength of your muscles at the side of your mouth giving you much greater control. It's an absolutely brilliant new practice aid and in my opinion surpasses all other embouchure trainers on the market".

From the manufacturers:

"The embouchure efficiency of a brass player is reflected in tonal range and stability during longer playing sessions, and is dependent on the condition of lips and mouth-ring muscles.
Similar to a string instrument or timpani, where strings or skin the vibrating
elements are, by brass instruments it is the lips. High demands are placed on the muscles,
which in return require consequent training.
We recommend regular training with our patented embouchure trainer for brass players.
Through regular training with the u-trainer, you train and build up the embouchure
muscles you need for excellent playing. You can also prevent damage to an overexerted
embouchure will the ball is ifand prevent injuries due to overplaying.
Result: Daily training strengthens your mouth-ring muscles and
improves your performance.

The u-trainer is washable and can be regreased with slide grease.
The u-trainer is non-irritable for the skin.

Suggested training programme: TRAINING PROGRAM
You can train with the u-trainer either statically (holding the u trainer in position) or dynamically
(repeated movements). Before you start your training, try first the following exercise:
Articulate the vowel U. The mouth corners move forward and come almost together.
The lips are slightly pointed. Hold this position for several seconds, then relax the
lips and return to your initial position.
Repeat this short exercise and feel how the muscles work.

Now place the winged ends of the u-trainer in the mouth corners and repeat the
initial exercise forming U and slowly pressing the winged ends together.
After reaching the most intensive U-Position, return to your initial position.
A daily training is fundamental for a positive development of your embouchure.

Training statically:
Hold the U-position for 60 sec., relax 10 sec., repeat 3 times
Training dynamically:
Exercise the U-position 30 times, relax 10 sec., repeat 5 times