What's New to the IBEW - entries for May 2007

* - Websites which have changed address

Brass Bands
Bedale Brass Band*
Bugle Silver Band*
Ceramic Brass
Chester Brass Band*
Cottingham Band*
Downton Band*
Eccleston Brass Band
Heathfield Silver Band
Knighton Town Silver Band*
Lingfield Youth Band*
Loxley Silver Band
Metropolitan Silver Band*
Mil Spiel Ter Reg 2
Oakdale Silver Band
Ogmore Valley Silver Band
Riviera Concert Brass

Brass Ensembles
Brass Duo
Strong Brass Quintet*

Wind, Concert & Marching Bands
City of London Winds
Ensemble Instrumental Waremmien
Knoxville Community Recreation Band
Koninklijke Harmonie Kunst Veredelt Ingelmunster
Mullingar Town Band
North Lincs Community Concert Band
Romford Drum & Trumpet Corps
South Ulster Concert Band

The Bandstand
Book for All Occasions
Discount Brass Gear
The Glass Ensemble
Helios UK
Lark in the Morning
Music Parts
Robo Cleaning Cloths

Darrol Barry*
Deutsches Musikfest
Fochriw Brass Band
Scottish Borders Brass Band Association
Society of Entertainers

Books and Publications
Best, Christopher - Woodwinds, Brass and Glory - The Most Famous Boys Band in the World - The Vancouver Boys Band: 1895-1982 - Warfleet Press, 2007

Extinct Bands - new/updated entries
Fowhope Brass Band
Gwennap Band
Harrowbarrow Band
Hayle Town Band
Kensington Silver Band
Sheviock Prize Band
Sutton Harmonic Band