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Thread: Vintage Sounds

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    Vintage Sounds

    Details of known vintage brass band recordings are available in the IBEW. Covering the 78rpm, vinyl and audio cassette formats (and also current CDs and DVDs), it attempts to provide a complete discography of the genre.

    There are clearly gaps in the data and any help with the missing items or details would be a great help.

    The Vintage Recordings page is the entry point for this information, which also includes a separate are for Salvation Army 78rpm recordings.

    A small page forms the basis for a collection of information about historical events - concerts and contests. Many of these will have been recorded in the press of the time - notably the British Bandsman and similar journals. Details from old programmes, posters and the like will help to add to this resource. See: Historical Events.
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    The sales catalogue of vintage recordings by Brass and Military Bands, as well as Salvation Army sections, available in 78rpm, Cassette and LP formats are listed in KEITH QUINN MEMORABILIA. Also listed are DVD's, Videos together with a huge collection of memorabilia which includes rare books, photographs, programmes, postcards, stand banners, uniforms etc - many unique.

    Keith Quinn

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