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Thread: tMP Christmas Quiz - 2006

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    tMP Christmas Quiz - 2006

    The tMP Christmas Quiz

    The team have, as always, been working hard behind the scenes and have produced for you the tMP Christmas Quiz.

    The list of prizes - to be split and distributed according the number of entries -
    (any further contributions gratefully accepted, if you wish to donate a prize, please contact a member of the team)
    - is still growing and currently consists of:

    £50 worth of music from the "Thornes Music" catalogue
    (Donated by Roger Thorne)
    £25 cash prize
    (Donated by The Brass Crest)
    tMP Polo Shirt (complete with embroidered logo and username)
    (Donated by Di)
    "Now That's What I Call Brass - Volume 4" CD
    (Donated by World of Brass)
    5 x "Crusade" CD - BB Waldsang with guest soloist Brett Baker
    (Donated by Lake Music Productions)
    3 x 1 set of music from Lake Music Productions
    (Donated by Lake Music Productions)
    A Gig "stitched" cornet case in a "Student" or "Advanced"
    (Donated by Gig Ltd)
    Annual Subscription to The Brass Herald
    (Donated by Philip Biggs)
    Llechan Las CD - Seindorf Arian Deiniolen Silver Band
    (Donated by Dylan Williams)
    2 x Beyond the Box (by David Read) and
    1 x 101 Things to do with Hymn Tunes (by Russell Gray for Brass Band) and
    1 x £35 voucher to purchase anything from JAGRINS
    (donated by Gavin Pritchard of Jagrins Music Publications)
    Any two pieces of choice from TP MUSIC
    (Donated by Timbone)
    BBA Polo Shirt, BBA CD, BBA Pin Badge
    (Donated by Bob Thompson, BBA)

    The closing date will be mid-day on 1st January 2007
    and the results will be announced mid-day on 2nd January 2007

    Please send your answers BY PM to Di who will carefully mark all your submissions.
    The member with the highest number of correct answers will, of course win.
    In the event of a tie, the tie breaker question will be brought in to decide the winner.
    One entry per member will be accepted. Please check your entry is complete before posting as subsequent PMs will not be accepted.
    If you require confirmation your entry has been received request a "read receipt" before submitting your PM.
    Good Luck and Merry Christmas

    Click HERE to be taken to the quiz.
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