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Thread: Young Composer Premiéres

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    As a composer who has just passed the dreaded 50 mark, I have to say the music I have written in the last 4 years puts my other stuff in the shade. Getting them played, picked for contests or recorded is still an uphill battle. God Bless Australia for the MIFB Festival for having an open age limit, surely competitions want the best pieces they can get and setting an age limit restricts this. When people want to commission a new building they don't say the architect has to be under 25, do they?

    I realise how frustrating it must seem to younger composers but believe me it doesn't get any easier unless you are in favour with the powers that be! Anyhow when I was a joiner I had to serve my time and realise I was learning my trade. I concur with Tim on the points he makes, wether the music comes from a ten year old or a 80 year old - if its good lets play it!
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    Quote Originally Posted by HBB
    Yay! My piece "dune" got selected to get performed in the closed rehersals!! Wooo!
    Nice one , well done
    Andrew Baker

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    And to think that a lot of your friends knocked you back on this one because it was too modern (dissonant)! I'm glad you persevered and wish you the best of luck!
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