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Thread: '3 Years Live Awards' - Vote Now!

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    '3 Years Live Awards' - Vote Now!

    tMP "3 Years Live" Fun Awards - Vote Now!

    All nominations for the tMP "3 Years Live" awards have been collated and the polls have now been set up. Where there were more than 10 nominations received - we have used our discretion and selected the final 10 nominations from the list - no explanations will be given for our selection methods! We decided that in the case of one category - 'Favourite poster' - that we couldn't reduce the list, and in fact, it would be unfair of us to do so, therefore that category has 15 nominees.

    We have 19 categories of Award this time for you place one vote in each category up until 12:00 midday on Saturday 17th December 2005. Final results will be collated and will posted on Sunday 18th December 2005.

    The results for all 19 polls have been hidden - and therefore all winners will be announced at the same time when we close the polls.

    Good luck to all those who've been nominated!
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