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    Published on 27.05.2012 11:36
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    We use cookies in relation to certain areas of theMouthPiece website. Cookies are files which store information on your hard drive or browser which means that we can recognise that you have visited the Site before. Cookies can make it easier for you to maintain your preferences on the Site.

    We use several types of cookie:
    • Login session cookie: When you log in to the site, we set a cookie to remember your login status. This cookie is deleted from your computer when you log out of the website, or close down your browser.
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    • Functional cookies: the vBulletin software sets certain cookies to enhance the user experience and to remember various settings.

    You can, should you choose, disable the cookies from your browser and delete all cookies currently stored on your computer. If you do this, you will not be able to log in to the site, and you will experience much reduced functionality.

    By using this site, you agree we can set and use cookies.
    by Published on 18.09.2011 21:26
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    tMP Copyright FAQ and Information Fact Sheet


    theMouthPiece.com is pleased to present for you a .... Copyright Issues Fact Sheet. You will find information within it on a range of topics:
    • tMP Fact Sheet ---- General Copyright Information ----
    • The most frequently asked Copyright questions
    • Computer documents and the Internet
    • The High Costs of Illegal Photocopying -- Photocopying copyrighted music is destructive and against the law.
    • Christian Copyright Licensing International
    • Just to remind you all!
    • MUSIC PUBLISHING A General Overview
    • Useful addresses
    • and the inevitable protection for theMouthPiece.com....

    theMouthPiece.com presents for you a . .. . Copyright Issues Fact Sheet

    What is this new Fact Sheet and Copyright FAQ information all about?

    Many threads on theMouthPiece.com discuss the extremely complex subject of Copyright and its many related issues. It is all too apparent that many of us are confused by the governance and laws relating to copyright and the tMP Team felt that we should put together a new tMP Fact Sheet that is freely available to all tMP visitors and members which will hopefully, in plain English, help us understand some of the ins and outs of UK Copyright law. This FAQ and fact sheet has been compiled with the fantastic help and support of several tMP members who are:
    • Philip Sparke
    • Roger Thorne
    • Dave Payn
    • Peter Bale

    ... we are very grateful to each of them for their contribution to this FAQ information. Although the rules of Copyright seem complicated most infringements are done in ignorance rather than with intent. Some of the 'rules' may seem ridiculous from ...
    by Published on 29.08.2011 20:11
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    Welcome back!

    Well... after much trouble and strife, and what seems an age - at long last we're back.

    Sincere apologies to you all for the major outage, but you'll be pleased to know we are running on a new server, with new software and there will be no more security issues, or virus's for anyone - we're back, and we're clean.

    You will most likely notice that we are on a new version of the software that powers tMP, which is the very latest incarnation of vBulletin vB 4.1.5 - so you might have to take some time to familiarise yourselves with the controls and settings are etc... I am still working my way through it all and finding this out by the way!

    If you have any issues, or if you you spot something that is missing from before or is currently not working well, please post this in the How-to forum, and we will do our best to fix it - though given the items we already have listed to fix, this might take a little time.

    So, many thanks to you all for hanging in there, and my sincere apologies for the outage.

    To continue to the forums, click on the 'Forum' tab in the bar near the top of the screen, or follow this link.

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    Be cruel to be kind.

    And I take it you won't be putting your hat down on the pavement outside the theatre either

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    North west areas 2015.

    Thank you one and all for your predictions.
    Bbmad in particular has made a significant contribution to this post. His predictions, whilst a little

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