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Location of Posts and Threads

Please try to ensure that your new topics appear in the correct forum.


Please do not post topics or replies or PM's containing:

(a) Subjects which have already been discussed numerous times.

(b) When promoting your own www site, business or interest - please keep your promotional posts in the same thread. You may open new threads if the subject is considerably different to any existing threads however, please ensure that you do not continually update threads to remain at the top of the page [which is considered 'bumping'], or that you do not create new threads that cover;

  • the same www site
  • a similar business promotion or proposition
  • similar subject matter or content.
  • The Administration/Moderating team of reserve the right to restrict/remove Threads and/or Posts by any individual or organisation which they deem to be:

  • Using the forum for excessive advertising
  • Causing disruption to the forum
  • Bumping Threads
  • Spamming

  • If a restriction which has been implemented is broken, then a ban will be imposed on the member's account.

    (c) Flames directed towards other users (these will be locked on sight, possibly with a temporary ban)

    (d) References/links to the illegal downloading from P2P applications - we are not a file sharing service

    (e) Derogatory or offensive comments about tMP members & non tMP members

    (f) Anything not relating to the original subject of the topic (although General Chat is flexible);Continuous ignoring of this rule, or the ignoring of any 'on-topic' messages by the Mods will result in off-topic posts being deleted on sight. If any member is found to be repeatedly breaking this rule - further action will be taken. Please note however, this rule will be relaxed slightly for the 'Random Chat' category!

    (g) Comments that could be deemed inappropriate or unfair regarding any person, band, contest or competition. i.e. own choice test pieces, pre-drawn contests, closed own choice adjudications etc common sense prevails

    (h) Images linked from other sites without their permission (simply giving a URL is much more polite);

    (i) Any derogatory comments based on age, gender, race, ethnicity or nationality (which will be met with a swift ban!);

    (j) Do not post personal contact details publically, unless you can provide confirmation that the person in question has given you permission to post his/her details. Such details, however, can be sent via PM.

    (k) When posting in tMP's free Classified Advertisements forum category, only 2 New Threads per month are permitted. If you have a requirement for your band to advertise further within any month, please contact one of the tMP team. To protect everyones interest and to avoid bumping, replies to ones own threads within this category are moderated.

    (l) Only the smilies/emoticons supplied by tMP can be used - this is to safeguard against the malicious spyware that some smilie sites use.

    (j) Thread titles must not be misleading and must, in all cases, be relevant to subject of the thread

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