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    New Geneva Mentor Cornet

    Thread Starter: DS2014

    Just read the advert for the new range of Geneva instruments over on 4BR. It's supposed to be a transitory cornet option between the student/intermediate range of instruments and the professional range. But at 1,295 it seems a rather expensive transitory step: a brand new JP371 cornet can be had...

    Last Post By: DS2014 Today, 11:21 Go to last post
    baritone impresario

    Bands and politics

    Thread Starter: baritone impresario

    Should bands accept money from anybody / organisation even if they are short of cash? Just come across an article on a far right website and it shows one of the countries top bands accepting 500 from the BNP. The article is from 2011 but is still there on Google for all to see. I just wondered...

    Last Post By: Gadgie Yesterday, 22:02 Go to last post

    New Moulded Cases (Eb Bass)

    Thread Starter: m.f.cooper

    Hello tMp I have a very old tuba (1920s Boosey & Co.) whose original case has completely collapsed into nothing-ness. I would love to find a way of getting a proper moulded hardcase, with wheels!! Does anyone know of a company or individual who does this kind of thing? Cheers!

    Last Post By: Cornet Nev. Yesterday, 21:09 Go to last post

    The one vowel thread!

    Thread Starter: Feefee

    Right, you have 2 think of a word with only one vowel in it and the rest has to be obviously consonants! And the added trick is they have to be associated with the word before! For example: Sad I leave the next one 2 sumone else!

    Last Post By: Magic Flute Yesterday, 20:18 Go to last post
    Bob Sherunkle

    A-Z of letters of the alphabet

    Thread Starter: Bob Sherunkle

    Lets get to work! A

    Last Post By: Magic Flute Yesterday, 20:17 Go to last post
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    New Geneva Mentor Cornet

    Thanks for the links, but you won't find many Getzen, John Packer, or Smith-Watkins cornets knocking about compared to the number of Besson and Yamaha.

    DS2014 Today, 11:21 Go to last post
    2nd tenor

    New Geneva Mentor Cornet

    Yamaha/Besson do seem to have a duopoly in terms of supplying a full range (across the band) of high quality instruments but other suppliers are available

    2nd tenor Today, 08:38 Go to last post

    Vacancies Horsham Borough Band

    Horsham Borough have vacancies for the following :

    Tenor Trombone,
    Bass Trombone,

    Lead by

    dizzystinker Today, 08:24 Go to last post

    Bands and politics

    Bands need money to survive and we accept it from all sorts of different sources. The Cooperative movement has provided substantial funds over the years

    Gadgie Yesterday, 22:02 Go to last post
    Cornet Nev.

    New Geneva Mentor Cornet

    I personally tend to agree with you on the viability of such an instrument at that price. As you say, second hand pro models sell at around that price

    Cornet Nev. Yesterday, 21:21 Go to last post