• tMP Functionality - we're working on it.

    We are going to continue to configure the latest software over the next few weeks but we felt it was looking ok enough for us to be able to relaunch tMP as it stands now. There are a list of items I need to continue to work on and set up, but if you do have any ideas or suggestions as to what else we could do, please shout and let me know.

    The front page of tMP is now an inbuilt vBulletin CMS type of function which I have yet to configure in the way it will be finally, so my apologies if this changes. We are going to continue to work on this over time.

    The menu system currently only has two items... so if you're in the forum and you want to get back to the very front - click the little 'house' looking icon at the very top-left just above the yellow notice.

    Thanks to everyone for your understanding, and patience whilst we continue to recover. Shout in the 'How-to' section if there's anything you want to ask.
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    Best Android App Tuner

    Thread Starter: nighttempla

    HI Can anyone recommend a good tuner that is available for an android phone? Thanks

    Last Post By: nethers Today, 06:12 Go to last post

    tMp on iPad

    Thread Starter: stevetrom

    Why am I not able to post on tMp from my iPad? The box opens but the keyboard does not. I don't have this problem on any other sites that i am aware of.

    Last Post By: Jeff W Today, 02:56 Go to last post

    tMP, me and the future of the site :)

    Thread Starter: TheMusicMan

    Hey All I wanted to let you all know what's happening with tMP, and of some exciting plans for the future. As you're all aware, when I founded tMP, my goal was to create a site that catered for people involved at all levels of banding, for everyone to have an opportunity to post issues, and...

    Last Post By: Matthew Today, 00:16 Go to last post

    Tune Association Thread 3

    Thread Starter: PeterBale

    Having locked the previous thread, here we go again: Come follow the band

    Last Post By: wife divine Yesterday, 16:50 Go to last post
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    Best Android App Tuner

    I have used G strings (lol), agree, it is very good.

    For a couple of bucks (or pounds if you prefer!) this is another great option with a

    nethers Today, 06:12 Go to last post
    Jeff W

    tMp on iPad

    This should be fixed when we migrate to Xenforo in a few weeks.

    Jeff W Today, 02:56 Go to last post
    Jeff W

    Migrating the forum software to Xenforo

    Let's use this as the canonical thread for discussing various issues and feedback related to the migration to Xenforo.

    If at any point you

    Jeff W Today, 01:36 Go to last post

    tMP, me and the future of the site :)

    Thank you John for all your hard work, time and efforts over the years, it's been much appreciated.

    Welcome Jeff!

    I also

    Matthew Today, 00:16 Go to last post

    Best Android App Tuner

    Another fan of G strings here

    (the app's good too)

    trumpetmike Yesterday, 22:54 Go to last post