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    Tuning pitch

    Thread Starter: thepublican

    Hi, in general what pitch (not note) do brass band tune to? Is it the equivalent to A=440hz that symphony orchestras tune to? Or is it slightly higher or lower? Many thanks.

    Last Post By: katieeuph Today, 21:45 Go to last post
    Born Again Hovis Man

    Looking for 2nd hand Cornet

    Thread Starter: Born Again Hovis Man

    Preferable something with a main tuning slide trigger. I'm in LSC area and would like to try before I buy Cheers

    Last Post By: Born Again Hovis Man Today, 19:42 Go to last post

    Difficult to play cornet

    Thread Starter: TooLoud

    I have a Besson Prestige cornet and although it makes a good sound, it is really hard to play. Intonation is really poor, my lips get sore very quickly and I struggle with high notes. I have played other cornets and they are much easier to play (both easier on the lips and don't need much...

    Last Post By: B.Portas Today, 18:54 Go to last post
    Middleton Band

    Middleton Band vacancies

    Thread Starter: Middleton Band

    A vacancy has arisen for a Musical Director with this 2nd section band following the mutual decision to part company with Matt Stringer. The band would like to thank Matt for all his commitment over the years and wish him well for the future. The band is very active and is always looking to...

    Last Post By: Middleton Band Today, 15:43 Go to last post
    blue steel

    Australian Nationals: Live Broadcast this Easter long weekend

    Thread Starter: blue steel

    Hi Bandies, Hope you're all well. I'll be doing a free, HD live stream of the Australian Nationals. We start tomorrow at 8am Brisbane time (GMT + 10). You can check it all out in glistening, spine tingling and hair-raising High Definition on www.brassbanned.com If you'd like to keep slightly...

    Last Post By: LynneW Today, 12:54 Go to last post
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    Tuning pitch

    Eh?? Firstly. your reply comes over as being a tad rude (whether or not that was your intention). Secondly, if you're after a debate full of academic

    katieeuph Today, 21:45 Go to last post
    Brass Band Drummer

    Tuning pitch

    That is exactly the type of debate to which I wish to contribute, and which I hoped I would be starting. A joke among peers is one thing, but this kind

    Brass Band Drummer Today, 21:30 Go to last post

    Perc for sale including Premier Concert bass drum

    Premier Concert bass drum, flight cases and assorted other perc for sale raising money for Woodfalls Band.


    fartycat Today, 20:48 Go to last post
    Born Again Hovis Man

    Looking for 2nd hand Cornet

    I fully understand that and its actually nice to see somebody do the 'right' thing. Hopefully Gerry is about for me to try and hopefully buy after the

    Born Again Hovis Man Today, 19:42 Go to last post

    Looking for 2nd hand Cornet

    For those of you that have asked, sorry but you'll need to negotiate with Gerry.

    As for the age, I bought it new from John Packer in August

    monody Today, 19:33 Go to last post