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    So, many thanks to you all for hanging in there, and my sincere apologies for the outage.

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    Racial Demographic of Brass Bands

    Thread Starter: DS2014

    Something that's been on my mind since Whit Friday is the apparent monochrome racial make-up of brass bands. During the Whit contests, one bumps into a heck of a lot of different bands on the road and it is striking how few minority ethnic members there are in general. If it was possible to argue...

    Last Post By: nethers Today, 02:28 Go to last post
    Alyn James

    No Scottish bands at Nationals?

    Thread Starter: Alyn James

    The British Open, the National Finals..... If there's a "Yes" vote can there be Scottish bands at these contests? (only asking)

    Last Post By: PeterBale Yesterday, 22:58 Go to last post

    Record attempt/Fund raiser

    Thread Starter: animal.22

    Good day to all blarters and tub thumpers(especially tub thumpers) I am lucky enough to be involved in a Guinness world recordattempt and fund raising event on the 21st of November 2014 The serious fund raising part is to raise as much money aspossible for...

    Last Post By: animal.22 Yesterday, 18:40 Go to last post
    The Godfather

    Lower section finals-2014-predictions ?

    Thread Starter: The Godfather

    Hello folks. Not much on TMP about this event (unless I've missed it of course) Is anyone going, apart from the competing bands? There are a few cryptic comments floating around regarding tickets etc, but nobody seems very interested in predictions. I don't know much about it but will certainly...

    Last Post By: The Godfather Yesterday, 16:35 Go to last post

    2014 British Open Predictions

    Thread Starter: Tubawolves

    Time for a bit of Paddy like fun without the odds: 19 days to the British Open. This years Open has arguably one of the strongest line ups of the modern era, but who in your opinion will win? To add extra spice predict the finishing order - all 17 bands. Obviously no prizes for the winner other...

    Last Post By: euphoria Yesterday, 10:42 Go to last post
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    Racial Demographic of Brass Bands

    Here in NZ it is fair to say that bands are predominantly white (and also a lot more British than some other pastimes here!) but there are a fair number

    nethers Today, 02:28 Go to last post

    No Scottish bands at Nationals?

    When the referendum was held on Welsh devolution I, as an Englishman temporarily in Wales, could vote, whereas my wife, a Welshwoman temporarily domiciled

    PeterBale Yesterday, 22:58 Go to last post
    Anglo Music Press

    No Scottish bands at Nationals?

    I'll have to take the blue out of my logo!

    Anglo Music Press Yesterday, 19:52 Go to last post

    No Scottish bands at Nationals?

    It's your job to pay for it all AMP. The socialist utopia being created up there doesn't come cheap.

    IanHeard Yesterday, 19:30 Go to last post

    Record attempt/Fund raiser

    He'll be perfectly in time.................just in 7/8

    animal.22 Yesterday, 18:40 Go to last post