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    Welcome back!

    Well... after much trouble and strife, and what seems an age - at long last we're back.

    Sincere apologies to you all for the major outage, but you'll be pleased to know we are running on a new server, with new software and there will be no more security issues, or virus's for anyone - we're back, and we're clean.

    You will most likely notice that we are on a new version of the software that powers tMP, which is the very latest incarnation of vBulletin vB 4.1.5 - so you might have to take some time to familiarise yourselves with the controls and settings are etc... I am still working my way through it all and finding this out by the way!

    If you have any issues, or if you you spot something that is missing from before or is currently not working well, please post this in the How-to forum, and we will do our best to fix it - though given the items we already have listed to fix, this might take a little time.

    So, many thanks to you all for hanging in there, and my sincere apologies for the outage.

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    Yamaha Xeno Soprano Cornet for Sale

    Thread Starter: mjwarman

    I am selling my 8 month old Yamaha YCR8620 Xeno Soprano Cornet in Silver plate due to learning that I much prefer playing Cornet and Trumpet!! It is in brilliant condition as you would expect for such a new instrument, probably hasn't even been blown in properly! Comes with Yamaha double...

    Last Post By: DS2014 Today, 00:02 Go to last post

    Not allowed to use Blue Juice valve oil

    Thread Starter: MrGinjaNinja

    Anyone else had their MD tell them specifically that they are not to use Blue Juice on their valves? I'm quoting him directly here - , although Blue Juice themselves advertise it as a non corrosive. It's all I've ever used since I started to play and many people that I know also use it and we've...

    Last Post By: The Godfather Yesterday, 23:30 Go to last post

    Online calendars for band? Any help?

    Thread Starter: Horn_goblin

    Hi there, Calling all tech minded banders, I'm attempting to create an easy system to sort the dreaded carolling rotas this year. I'd like to be able to have an online calendar or app where I can post the dates for carolling and band personnel can just click to confirm their availability on...

    Last Post By: jonny1note Yesterday, 18:18 Go to last post

    Leicester Contest 2014 - Timing Issues. . .

    Thread Starter: ploughboy

    Has anyone else going to this contest had a close look at the timings in the hall that is to hold UnRegistered, 4th, 3rd & 2nd sections in a day?! The timing sheet shows the contest starting at 8.45am with 44 bands due to take the stage. We are in the 2nd section, and without revealing the...

    Last Post By: James Yelland Yesterday, 16:54 Go to last post

    Tune Association Thread 3

    Thread Starter: PeterBale

    Having locked the previous thread, here we go again: Come follow the band

    Last Post By: wife divine Yesterday, 15:33 Go to last post
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    Dobcross Silver Band have vacancies on cornet, bass and euphonium seats. Rehearsals Mon and Weds in our Band Club. We have a varied programme of concerts

    Fisherman Today, 00:16 Go to last post

    Yamaha Xeno Soprano Cornet for Sale

    Noticed your Xeno sold. Not a bad price. I know you said it had hardly been used, but the depreciation is savage as soon as you walk out of the shop.

    DS2014 Today, 00:02 Go to last post
    The Godfather

    Not allowed to use Blue Juice valve oil

    Well, you know what they say Ian, and in Nev's case it's true.Those who can play em do.Those who can't, advise others how to play em!CIAOCORLEONE.

    The Godfather Yesterday, 23:30 Go to last post

    Siddis Brass 2014

    Thanks for the link, Aidan, and it's something I'd recommend - easy to sign up to and always great playing and entertainment. Only sorry I'm too busy

    PeterBale Yesterday, 22:39 Go to last post

    Not allowed to use Blue Juice valve oil

    Not to mention the hammer and chisel marks to "ease" those stuborn valves eh

    Ianroberts Yesterday, 22:02 Go to last post