View Full Version : Tenor Horn Gig Bag

02.10.2004, 17:32
Hi EveryOne,

My horn case has decided to die, and the handle has broken.

I'm looking to get a gig bag (and I can't get anything in my old case!)

Just wondering what you think are the best. I like the Surfer Style gig bag (á la Aidan's post) but wondering what else was on the market.

Pictures and sites would be appreciated!



04.10.2004, 22:56

I'm looking at the SurferStylée gig bags ATM.

barry toan
04.10.2004, 23:16
Ive got one of those, you can get so much in them! Just one tip- they're regularly for sale on ebay, listed as alto sax gig bags, they're much cheaper to buy on there than from shops, etc! (Mine cost me about £30, as opposed to £85 in shops!)

toppy the tenor
11.10.2004, 15:09
I've got a leather one made by Vincent Bach. IT cost a fair few quid than the one's you're talking about but it was well worth it. I've had it for over 3 years now and it's been all over the world with me - including a stint as hand luggage to Japan when the contents (inclusing the horn) weighed 14 kg!!

It's the best piece of equipment I've ever bought, apart from the instrument itself. It's very well made and the zip is top quality. The inside is made of velvet so it keeps the horn nice and shiny and there is a cone in the bell end to stop the instrument from getting damaged.

I think it cost about £150 but it was well worth it.