View Full Version : PM "Read Receipts"

27.08.2004, 14:33
When I sent my first few PMs from this forum I always clicked on "OK" when it asked me if I wanted a "Read Receipt". The reason I did this was that the other option was "Cancel" and I wasn't sure if this would cancel the message. I now know that this isn't true, but I wondered whether to save confusion the "OK" and "Cancel" buttons can be changed to "Yes" and "No"?

27.08.2004, 14:37
Will check this for you Kirsty. I know it's not a function I am able to do within the Admin Control Panel, so it will need a code modification but I think it's well worth askign as it can indeed cause some uncertainty.

Thanks for posting.

27.08.2004, 14:45
Also, is it possible to disable that function completely to avoid it popping up every time you want to send a message?