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29.04.2003, 21:15
After almost 17 years of absence I now want to start playing again. :)

After searching high and low for a used tuba (used tubas are not easy to find here in Norway) for some time, I am now offered a Cerveny Eb tuba. Four rotary valves. This could be mine for 10000 NOK, that is 1382$ /867. Given that this is a technically good instrument and looking reasonably good, is this an ok buy?

I am also offered a Jupiter 582S tuba for twice the price.

Does anyone know anything about Cerveny Tubas? Or Jupiter? I would be thankful for any help!

Should I maybe stay away from both of them?

As it is almost 17 years since last time I played a tuba, should I go for Bb or Eb? I will, after a lot of practice join a local medium sized amateur band and also play in a quintet with some friends.

Hope someone can give me some advice on this.
Thanks in advance.


Roger Thorne
29.04.2003, 21:33
Hi Jan

Welcome to The Mouthpiece.com

Not being a Tuba player I can't really help you with this, but I'm sure you'll get lots of advice from our Low Brass Members.


29.04.2003, 21:41
Thank you very much! I am sure I will.


29.04.2003, 22:37
is there any way you could get them on a trial?

29.04.2003, 22:50
Well, I don't know. A big problem for me is that I'm not able to test them properly. I will be able to play some tones, but I am not able to evaluate them. After all, it's a long time since I played a tuba... Unfortunately...