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BOC Brother
11.06.2004, 03:06
MERRY CHRISTMAS to all our Housemates.

Today is a very special day. It's Christmas Day in the BOC Brother House.

Although today is a fun day, you will all have to complete a little challenge. So please read the instructions below very carefully.
1. You have all received a present from each Housemate.
2. You must list and post in this thread the presents you have received and who gave them.
3. No two presents are to be the same. ie: black socks or blue socks count as one present
4. Anyone posting an identical present may face a forfeit
5. Everyone must post in this thread by midnight tonightYour avatars have all been changed to reflect the occasion. Please do not alter these unless asked to do so.

You will all help prepare and cook the Christmas Dinner (Dinner can only be served when everyone has posted in this thread)

Seasons Greetings to you all.


11.06.2004, 08:55
:D yay prezzies from eveyone!!
righ well, here's what i got from everyone.....

2nd man down: washing up gloves

groovy: box of chocs

homocidalbennyboy: a book about brass bands (not in anyway to help me with the quiz :roll: )

Jo Elson: a bottle of baileys :wink:

kate_the_horn: crate of champage (how kind! will share with housemates!)

Seedhouse: CD 'Recordings of Floral Dance Around The World" cheers :shock:

Sellers Bird: ear plugs. THANK YOU!!!!

Super_sop: cd player

WhatSharp: robbie williams with a boc bb day pass. :D :D this will be a very merry christmas

11.06.2004, 09:49
Merry Christmas everyone! :D It's so great to get in the Christmas spirit in the house! :D

I got:

2nd man down: A DIY meal to feed the housemates! :twisted:

groovy: A pineapple :shock:

homocidalbennyboy: A DIY composition Kit :roll:

Jo Elson: An over sized big purple dinosaur cuddly toy! :D

kate_the_horn: A pair of fluorescent (sp?) pink socks :shock:

Trombelle: A Jukebox for karaoke :P (i'm sure us housemates will have some fun!)

Sellers Bird: A Jack in the box :P

Super_sop: Peter Roberts' Cd "Legend" :D

WhatSharp: A pneumatic drill (maybe so we can build escape tunnels :? )

Merry Christmas BB, have a good day! :wink:

11.06.2004, 10:57
2nd man down: A new pair of funky shorts (nice one dude)

groovy: a bottle of old spice :shock:

homocidalbennyboy: A sibelius user manual( how did you know i wanted that!)

Jo Elson: a genuine hawain silk shirt

kate_the_horn: how to improve your memory in one week book(ive put this down somewere but cant remember were :shock: )

Trombelle: a bucket (spose itll be easier to aim at than a wash bag :!: )

Sellers Bird: a cocktail maker and selection of spirts

Seedhouse: silent brass system. (WOW dude)

WhatSharp: brassed off DVD

Wow everyone thanks for all the really great prezzies

Merry Christmas BB, have a good day!

11.06.2004, 11:47
Super_Sop: A New Tenor Horn (thank's mate! :D)

Jo Elson: A new dictionary (yes, I knwo I can't spell!)

What_Sharp?: A new soundcard! :D (Wahey!!)

Kate_the_Horn: the arban :( :P

Anna: Make yourself your own lethal vodka video :shock: thankx! :D

2md: Video player to play the video on (nice one dude)

Groovy: A John Grisham Novel (thanks!! :D)

trombelle: Converse Trainers (wahey!)

Seedhouse: how to double tongue technique cassette + cassette player

Nice one Guys! :D

11.06.2004, 12:13
This is going to get harder as it goes along! Remember to help peeps guys! Must pass this task! :? :D

11.06.2004, 12:25
For Christmas I got.......

Super_Sop: A bumper can of extra strong deoderant (must do some washing!, cheers bud!)

Jo Elson: A 200 page book of rude limericks!

HommicidalBennyBoy: A CUP OF TEA! (How did you know :D )

Kate_the_Horn: A Leopard skin thong! (:shock:)

Anna: Prozac! (that'll help many thanks :wink: )

2md: A VW Badge ... errr ok Cheers :D

Groovy: A Cage for Minstrel! (aww shes SOOO Chuffed :lol: )

trombelle: A Sewing kit (now all I need is something to sew!) :D

Seedhouse: A Banjo! (wow now I got to try an learn to play it!)

Cheers guys there all terrific!

Happy Christmas!

2nd man down
11.06.2004, 13:06
Boy o boy I love Christmas...

I got from...

HBB - A fire extinguisher (based on the fact that sponteneous human combustion is the only thing left to happen to me now!!)
Cheers man!!

Seedhouse - A good luck charm (again, thanks dude!)

Whatsharp? - An up to date tMPday compendium (cool)

Sellers_Bird - A selection of Milnrow rock (wow, thanks)


Kate the Horn - Soap on a rope (No christmas is complete without one!!)

Trombelle - A first aid kit (Aw, you remembered!!)

Super_sop - what else...a new toilet bag. (Thanks dude) (bins the other!)

Jo Elson - A collectors fountain pen and propelling pencil set.

Thanks everyone!!!
Merry Christmas.

11.06.2004, 13:08
2nd man down: Roberts Bakery Band cd (to torture me)

groovy: a tmp t-shirt

homocidalbennyboy: a book about how to keep your nearve

Jo Elson: a brand new pocket tenor horn (nice one!!)

Seedhouse: A Bottle of Blue juice (thanks)

Sellers Bird: A musical pair of socks that play "themouthpiece" (when the comps done)

Super_sop: Sexy Knickers

WhatSharp: A New Copy of "triple tonguing for dummys"

Trombelle: a pink ribbon (im not sure why?)

merry xmas everyone!

Jo Elson
11.06.2004, 14:51
2nd man down: a pack of sausages

groovy: contamination suit

homocidalbennyboy: pegs

Kate_the_Horn: a pocket book of cockney rhyming slang

Seedhouse: underwater camera

Sellers Bird:a purple hat

Super_sop: a pair of extra strength sunglasses(i did buy him a new shirt!)

WhatSharp: The ideal husband(doesnt talk or answer back!)

Trombelle: x-ray vision goggles

11.06.2004, 14:57
Pegs :?

11.06.2004, 15:02
for crimbo *argh* i recieved

2nd man down - a bottle of malibu
groovy - some sunbed vouchers
hbb - a huuuuuuuuge crate of Blue WKD
Jo - some false nails
Seedhouse - lip gloss
kelly/kate - some paracetamol
super sop - some sexy lingerie *ooh err*
whatsharp - a pink warehouse handbag
trombelle - a yellow jacket

ah thank you guys xx

11.06.2004, 15:18
Why do I feel that we're gonna fail

11.06.2004, 16:25
what time's dinner.
ive done all the spuds, and crossed the sprouts, peeled the carrots
has anyone put in the turkey yet?

11.06.2004, 16:27
i stuffed it earlier.... oven is heating up. ill put it in around 5ish

11.06.2004, 16:29
wonderfull. and can i say you look wonderfull in your christmas present :wink:

11.06.2004, 16:29
Can't wait!!! Have we got christmas pud?

11.06.2004, 16:35
i know, just my colour... how did u know? u like my present?

11.06.2004, 16:37
oh yes, well try it out later make a few drinkees

11.06.2004, 16:41
excellente! ill get changed out of my crimbo prezzie now, put normal clothes on. turkage goin in NOW... be ready in 3hours, i worked it out. although someone will have to remove it for me as i have work 7-9.15pm

11.06.2004, 16:43
im sure some one will sort it, im out at band in abot so i hope somebody keeps some for me

11.06.2004, 16:50
I am a very lucky girl!

2nd man down: A Co-op cheese selection (yay)

homocidalbennyboy: a wetsuit - useful

Jo Elson: A giant Lego set!

kate_the_horn: A Peter Andre poster which i'm sure i'll treasure :?

Seedhouse: A hand knitted jumper for my euph (pink with funky bobbles)

Sellers Bird: A chocolate machine!

Super_sop: A leather bound book entitled : "The Secrets of Fashion"

WhatSharp: a Sumo wrestling outfit

Trombelle: A subscription for "Interior decoraters weekly" - I think its a hint shes a bit fed up of the BB decor!

Thanks BB, have a glass of champers on me! lol

2nd man down
11.06.2004, 17:03
OOh, lookie what I found!! Mulled wine!!!

Is that turkey ready yet?

11.06.2004, 17:09
turkey (and quorn roast)

coming out now!!!

*dons another apron,
and searves a brilliant lunch

"i have an announcement"
i think we've failed the task.
i dont want to talk about it on here, but if u pm me i will explain.

kell x

11.06.2004, 17:22
the turkage an quorn thing wont be ready til about ish... only put them in at 5

11.06.2004, 19:34
well the foods out but theres no one in the house... wake up u lazy housemates! :?

11.06.2004, 19:39
Yes the house is a bit quiet tonight ......and soon I will be wandering off too to spend some quality time with the chickens and Wesley, my pet potato. But not before I've eaten turkey and pulled a few crackers!

2nd man down
11.06.2004, 19:45
Hi I'm here but not for long now, turkey looks good tho, You did a goos job there SB!! :wink:

2nd man down
11.06.2004, 19:46
Goos job??? what the hell were my fingers doing???

I meant a good job!!

Could we not have done rat burger too tho? :twisted:

Jo Elson
11.06.2004, 22:23
Pegs :?
Because of the smell from some people-much appreciated(i mean the pegs) plus it means i can hang my clothes out to dry etc

11.06.2004, 22:32
did you save me some cronbo lunch?

Jo Elson
11.06.2004, 23:03
no but theres some crimbo lunch for ya if u want it.i just had mine

11.06.2004, 23:08
sounds good ill be over in a mo

11.06.2004, 23:09
hey anybody want to pull this cracker with me?

Jo Elson
11.06.2004, 23:17
I'll pull ya cracker craig!

11.06.2004, 23:18
:wink: thanks jo

hey you won!

want to hear teh joke?

Jo Elson
11.06.2004, 23:22
go on then.

BOC Brother
12.06.2004, 13:44
Results of the Christmas Day Challenge have now been decided.

Unfortunately, you failed! (again)

Without going into details there were too many Socks, Books and CD's.

Having given 'Socks' as the example we have failed you on this alone.

You really are hard work you lot! :roll:

Your Christmas Avatars will now be removed as a result of this failure. :twisted:
Remember the rules of BOC Brother state that you must not amend your profile.

12.06.2004, 13:48

12.06.2004, 13:48

Jo Elson
12.06.2004, 13:50
Oh how did we fail this one?

12.06.2004, 22:30
Lets face it we were just TOO generous!

12.06.2004, 22:32
i wonder what we'll have to do for this one?

gueses anyine?

how about a 300 page essay on the correct methid for tripple tongueing?

2nd man down
12.06.2004, 22:37
Not sure but i took it to mean that the removal of the Chrismas Avatars was the forfeit!! Or am I just far too trusting of BB's good nature?? :(

12.06.2004, 22:42
Funny how you kept yours!

Jo Elson
12.06.2004, 22:45
Not sure but i took it to mean that the removal of the Chrismas Avatars was the forfeit!! Or am I just far too trusting of BB's good nature?? :(
well he did say that the removal of them is due to the failure an there was no mention of a forfeit to follow.

2nd man down
12.06.2004, 22:46
I could cry.

Jo Elson
12.06.2004, 22:50
Ah there, there 2MD don't get all upset becaus :twisted: e of that mean BB thats what he wants to see us all crumbling at his feet!

2nd man down
12.06.2004, 22:51
*sniff* Ok. Thanks.

Jo Elson
12.06.2004, 22:58
*hands over the rest of the box of tissues then starts to pick up the used ones in a trail where 2md has been*

2nd man down
12.06.2004, 23:04
*stops dropping tissues* Sorry Jo, didn't realise!!

BB may have won this battle but the war is mine!! :twisted:

Jo Elson
12.06.2004, 23:06
Thats the spirit!

14.06.2004, 19:14
I miss my avatar! :cry: Will they be replaced BB?

14.06.2004, 19:28
I hope so!! :D (I think WhatSharp? does too!!)

14.06.2004, 19:28
good to see you back dude. how was your little excursion?

managed to sneak some beer in then :wink:

14.06.2004, 19:31
Btw I meant that I miss my Xmas one! :cry:

14.06.2004, 19:34
See the new thread about me being "back from France,"
brought a van back with me :wink: :roll:

14.06.2004, 21:15
I hope so!! :D (I think WhatSharp? does too!!)

Too right!, I want my Giraffe back!, took me AGES to do that!