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31.03.2003, 20:43
May have already been done but just thought it would be good to run a poll to see what instruments different people on tmp play.


For those of you who don't fit into any of the categories of the poll......shame!!

For those of you who are conductors........HA HA HA HA!!!! :lol:

Conductors should also note that when a brass player gives up, he/she is given two sticks and becomes a percussionist, when a percussionist gives up/becomes no good/loses the will to live, he/she has a stick taken off them and becomes a conductor!!!!!!

31.03.2003, 20:47
Yes Bagpuss, It has already been done ------ but there are loads of duplications of topics and threads, and I bet people would be hard-pushed to find it in a rush anyway! :D http://smilies.jeeptalk.org/contrib/geno/kotzen.gif [couldn't resist!]

Ben ;) :roll: :roll:

31.03.2003, 21:20
Just to stop too much replicating here is that link!!!! carry on the discussion there guys 8) Rachel