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Martin Cordy
11.04.2012, 16:43
Having moved from Tenor to Bass trombone last year I am looking for someone to point me in the right direction now that i have had the opportunity to settle into the instrument. While i am happy with most of the range, I am looking for someone to correct bad habits and to get all of the range more secure and consistent.

Is there anyone in Somerset / Devon / Cornwall who would be able to help?!!

Alternatively, any suggestions from the wider bass trombone population welcome!!

11.04.2012, 17:06
Hi Martin,
Ian Davies is in the Cornwall area and he teaches brass. http://www.brassandsaxcornwall.co.uk/
Was playing bass trombone for Lanner Brass Band, and has a beautiful Rath bass trom!
Cheers, Jenny

11.04.2012, 18:18
Ian is a great guy.. Brilliant trombone player and tuba player. Sat next to him at lanner. Highly Recommend him, always helped me out in the past :-)

11.04.2012, 21:05
Can't recommend Alan Hutt enough - he lives in Cornwall and teaches at Wells (has recently taught a lad bass trombone who is now on a scholarship at the RAM so definitely knows what he's doing).

PM me for an email address