View Full Version : Evelyn Glennie meets the Black Dyke Band

13.02.2004, 12:48
I know this CD's fairly old now, but ive only just got a copy- and finally found some decent percussion solos!

I've posted about the lack of solos before, and anyone who agreed with me have a listen, definately food for thought.

If i must review (off topic before i start!):

Tha band dont seem to be anything special in this, some classy playing from euph and other soloists but they're not always very together.

Evelyn's not half bad though.... :lol:

Naomi McFadyen
13.02.2004, 15:16
Yeap, class CD, class pieces, class performer...

can't get better than this

James McFadyen
13.02.2004, 17:11
I'm sure it's a fab CD, i'll give it a miss, though :wink:

Naomi McFadyen
13.02.2004, 17:39
*sigh* some people dont have good taste


13.02.2004, 19:03
How old is the CD then?

13.02.2004, 19:49
i think its from 1998.
my mum got a 40th birthday card from evelyn glennie at the percussion day at the RNCM this year! (all thanx to me!!)

Naomi McFadyen
13.02.2004, 20:51
yup, 1998 :-)

Bob Thompson
13.02.2004, 23:09
Posted: Fri Feb 13, 2004 5:39 pm Post subject:


*sigh* some people dont have good taste

extra sigh.....Indeed, some people dont have any taste at all.
I think its a great CD!