View Full Version : Rothwell Temperance Band Bridgewater Hall

10.04.2011, 13:37
Rothwell Temperance Band will be opening the Great Northern Spring Arts Festival at the Bridgewater Hall in Manchester on Sunday 8th May 2011 at 12.00 noon.

The programme will be:

* Tour de Band - Orf/Igsek/Ellington/Camilo
* Cockaigne Overture (In London Town) - Elgar arr. Roberts
* Concerto in F Minor for Trumpet and Brass Band: Soloist James McCabe - Oskar Böhme
* The Death of Don Quixote - Martin Ellerby
* Le Almeja Pequena - Goodwin arr McGuffie
* Napoli: Solist Andy Marsh - Belstedt
* The Land of the Long White Cloud - Phillip Sparke
* Tom Hark - Traditional arr Steel

John Brooks
11.05.2011, 17:12
I'm surprised that there have been no comments about this and other concerts from the Festival last Sunday.

If there is another thread I couldn't find it.

Who went? What were your impressions? I'm particularly interested in hearing how Jens Lindemann was received; he's a phenomenal player and a great guy too.