View Full Version : Whitburn dominate Scottish Solo and Ensemble Championships

Richard Dyson
08.02.2004, 18:22
The full results of the Scottish Solo and Ensemble Championships are now available on The Brass Herald (http://www.thebrassherald.com).

08.02.2004, 21:40
Congrats to all! :D
Especially Katrina, fantastic results over the weekend! Good Luck for Saturday!
'Come on the tones'!!!!! :lol:

09.02.2004, 09:12
Huge congratulations Katrina. Lovely lass and fantastic player. Good luck in the BBC Radio 2 Final. Might see you in Oz in a couple of weeks?

09.02.2004, 10:12
Well done to everyone that played, all weekend. There were great performances in every section.

The standard of competition has never been higher and Richard Kidd and Mark Boyd must be the unluckiest runners-up in the history of solo contests. Any other year they would have won easily but Katrina was just unbelievable over the whole weekend.

Very proud of them all.

Good luck to Katrina and Richard next weekend in Manchester.


09.02.2004, 18:46
g'wan the katmeister!

09.02.2004, 19:48
Don't mind losing to someone who plays the way Miss M did yesterday. 2nd place will do.....again!!

Good results all weekend for the band. Well done to the young'uns in the youth 4tets....

10.02.2004, 08:52
Mark let's face it, you're rubbish!! :wink: :wink:

10.02.2004, 09:06
Yip Laura I agree and he is Ginger!!! :lol:

10.02.2004, 09:12
Hey ho there Bart!!! Was looking at NYBBS pics the other day, your pink fiesta covered in toothpaste........wizny me!!

10.02.2004, 16:03
Listen! my "Chick Magnet" wisney pink and any- mare of your cheek and i will post naked pics of you that have come into my possession! :twisted: :oops:

10.02.2004, 16:39
Careful Bart, I have some lovely photos of you too from your time as a cross dresser, Laura's bound to have some too!!!!

Hee Hee

10.02.2004, 16:54
Forgot to say congrats to all at Whitburn for a successful weekend. :oops:

10.02.2004, 21:27
Well thank you Laura and Bart. I know I am, you know I am but now everyone knows how rubbish I really am. :wink:

Don't go down the NYBBS route, you both know I'll win that one!!!

Thanks to Suzzy for the congrats message.

11.02.2004, 08:07
Hahaha bet Suzanne was celebrating with them indoor fireworks! I also have "dame bart simonis" pictures. Nice legs!!!

Congrats to all at Whitburn!!

First post deleted, PB, Mod

11.02.2004, 11:59
I am never, erver going to be able to forget about those blasted fireworks am I???????

Remember, twas not me who set them off in the Halls of residence!!!!


11.02.2004, 23:54
MMmmmmm....how did we get onto NYBBS and indoor fireworks from saying how rubbish I am at solo contests????

Have you been at the blue WKD again Ms Boyle???

12.02.2004, 09:17
Me?? Blue WKD??? Donno what you mean!!!! :shock: I'd never knowingly dring such a thing! :shock: :shock:

12.02.2004, 12:39
Go on Whitburn