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14.10.2009, 00:08
After years of an outdated website the Rogerstone Band have relaunched a flashy new homepage. Please feel free to log on to www.rogerstoneband.co.uk (http://www.rogerstoneband.co.uk) All the band's news about new signings, contest results and most importantly vacancies can be found on the net.

www.rogerstoneband.co.uk (http://www.rogerstoneband.co.uk)

Independent Silver Band
14.10.2009, 04:41
Looks very good.

14.10.2009, 09:27
Very smart site, but I suggest you do something to shorten the line length in the text-heavy areas (the home page intro, the news stories). Even if it means leaving a third of the page width blank (I'd call it white space, except it's blue!), shorter lines are much easier to scan.
;) KP

Blow Hard
16.10.2009, 06:48
The website looks sharp. You guys did a good job.