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25.02.2003, 13:22
Hi Peeps

If anyone ever needs a G Trom player for weddings or barmizphas drop me a line.

Intrument: Bass Trom

Conductor/Compere: Only in The Bar

Location/Region: North East England

Grade: Champ

Name: Gareth Sykes

Contact Details:

Instrument(s) played: Bass Trom Only.

Section of Band you are comfortable to deputise for: Any

How much notice do you require: Sensible

Name of your present Band: Ever Ready

Position played within present Band: Bass Trom and ultural Ambassador

What section is your present Band in: Champ

Would you require transport: No

Do you require expenses: Sensible

Any additional comments/Information:

No Note Too Loud

25.02.2003, 13:30
No Note Too Loud

Yeah as if, from a bass trombone player??!

and a smoggie as well!!

25.02.2003, 13:32
Yorkshireman living in a foreign land actually.

25.02.2003, 13:37
forgive me for tarring you with that awful brush! :oops:

I thought middlesbrough was in yorkshire :wink: :lol: :lol:

25.02.2003, 13:59
Only Just I Suppose.

Mrs Fruity
25.02.2003, 15:52
No Note Too Loud[/quote]

LOUD ????? Surely not you, Gareth??!*

25.02.2003, 17:03
Mrs Fruity

You should know that I am a Meek and mild person who would never even think out out blowing his band.

Hang on!!!!!!!!

oooopps been there.