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20.03.2009, 17:45

I am just curious if any bands actively publicise their websites and if they do, do they pay or are their any free methods that people would like to share?

As I have recently created a new website for Middleton band - www.middletonband.com (http://www.middletonband.com/) and have just created a links page www.middletonband.com/Links.html (http://www.middletonband.com/Links.html)and was hoping if any webmaster out there were willing to swap links so that we can all get a few more back links! :) As I think many of the back links disappeared as the website was down for well over a year.

This way it enables people to find you from our website and us form yours!!

Let me know what your thoughts are on any of these! :D



22.03.2009, 15:59
Jamie you geek! lol!

Website is lookin good btw ;P

22.03.2009, 16:41
Jamie you geek! lol!

Website is lookin good btw ;P

Thanks Lou!! Heehee!

All i was trying to say a very long way round is, would people like a link from middletonband.com (http://www.middletonband.com) to their website, and if poss could they return the favour! :)