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David Mann
07.02.2009, 12:15
I'd like to digitise some videos to use in presentations or upload to Facebook / YouTube. I've got a reasonably fast PC running XP, and the videos, some on VHS, some on MiniDV. What software / hardware do I need to transfer the videos to the PC?

07.02.2009, 12:31
I believe with some FireWire 800 devices you can get leads that go from your VHS camera to the FireWire port on your PC (if you have one). It's then simply a question of 'recording' your video on your PC - which depends on what OS you're on.

If on a Mac, you can use iDVD or iMovie, on a PC I'm not so sure, perhaps record straight into Media Player...?

08.02.2009, 15:35
if you are talking about taking vids from a normal VHS player- have you looked into what you would get from putting a TV tuner card in your PC then connecting up a normal analog/scart/coax type connection?

I have never tried this, so check carefully before you spend anything, but it may be the lowest common denominator and the card may come with some recording software.


The Wherryman
08.02.2009, 16:05
I don't know about MiniDV but I transferred all my VHS tapes via an S-video cable connection on my video card. There are lots of programs to convert the files once they're on the hard drive (some given away free on magazine DVDs)

08.02.2009, 16:25
I use a Pinnacle Dazzle external capture gadget, USB 2.0, captures straight from composite video or s-video to DVD (hard drive or disc). Cost about 50 from scan.co.uk, there's 3 or 4 different versions of it, some have editing software etc. Dead easy to use.

David Mann
08.02.2009, 16:29
Thanks for the suggestions so far, I'll need to check what outputs I've got on the video players. Anything that doesn't involve opening up the pc is preferred!