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09.02.2008, 12:05
Looks like the full list of runners and riders have been published on the NOEBBC website. Bumper turn out in the 4th section, the now normal 8-10 or so in the other sections. Some new names in the 4th section too as a couple of the region's training band step up to the plate. Should be an interesting section (and no, I'm not biased;))

Regional Contest 2008

Dolphin Centre, Darlington Saturday 29th and Sunday 30th March 2008.

Championship Section. Sunday 30th March. Start to follow Section One.

Adjudicator: David Horsfield.

E.Y.M.S. ( Bob Childs);
The Felling Band (Graeme Tindall);
Fishburn Band (Russell Gray);
Harrogate Band (David Lancaster|);
Reg Vardy Band (Dr. Nick Childs);
RMT Easington Colliery (Norman Law);
Tavistock Chester-le-Street Riverside (Ian Robinson);
Westoe Band (Derek Broadbent).

Section One Sunday 30th March. Start to follow Section Two.

Adjudicator: Colin Hardy.

Broughtons (David Hirst);
GT Group Peterlee (Stephen Malcolm);
Kirkbymoorside Town (John Woodward);
Lockwood Brass (John Roberts);
Northumbrian Water Ellington Colliery (Alan Fernie);
Shepherd Group Brass (Tim Oldroyd);
Wansbecks’ Ashington Colliery (Nigel Stedman).

Section Two. Sunday 30th March. Start 10.00am.

Adjudicator: Peter Roberts

Barrow Shipyard (tba);
Barton Town (Richard Evans);
Cockerton Prize Silver Band (George Nicklin)
Dearham (Garry Williams) ;
Durham Constabulary (Keith McDonald);
Ferryhill Town (Susan Norris);
Hetton Silver (Alan Seymour) ;
Houghton Brass (tba);
Murton Colliery (Dennis Noble);
York Railway Institute (Derek Warley).

Section Three. Saturday 29th March. Start to follow Section Four.

Adjudicator Peter Roberts

Barnard Castle (Damian Dunphy) ;
Barrow Concert ( Malcolm Scales) ;
Billingham Silver (Vaughan Evans);
Dunston Silver ( Sue Murrill);
East Riding of Yorkshire (Peter Andrews);
Flookburgh (John Iveson);
Ripon City (Malcolm Dibb);
Stape Silver (Michael Breckon).

Section Four. Saturday 29th March. Start 12.00 noon.

Adjudicator: Colin Hardy

Aycliffe & Brancepeth (Mike Priestley);
Backworth Colliery (Colin Harris);
Bearpark & Esh (Vince Eckerman);
Chester-le-Street Riverside Concert Brass (Martin Humphrey)
Craghead Colliery (John Robson);
Kingsway Printers Cleethorpes (Steven Askew);
Kirkby Lonsdale Brass (Allan Greenwood);
Lanchester (Jonathan Fenwick);
Marske Brass (Alun N. Prest);
Shepherd Group Concert Brass (M. Pratt);
South Milford Brass (Richard Wilton);
Stanhope Silver (Steve Robson);
Swinton & District Excelsior (Nigel Sutherland);
Trimdon Concert Brass (Brian Wright).

Total 47 bands.


10.02.2008, 10:51

Is this a relatively new website then? - It's nicely put together - Well done to whoever got on with that. Good to see our region getting some recognition and its own cyberhome!!!!

10.02.2008, 12:12
Good site, and very nicley layed out.

Makes things alot easier when your own region has it's website full of usefull information

10.02.2008, 17:21
Cheers Colin. I've been watching out on the old site for the entries. :rolleyes: Will get these added to Prediction Central.

10.02.2008, 17:35
Can anyone tell me if Cottingham are entered? They are on the list of bands on the "First Section" page, but not on the list of bands on the "Regional Contest" page. :confused:

10.02.2008, 17:36
Yep Scott from Easington has put it together - I think Les Palmer was the former webmaster on the old address.

Let it be a trade secret no more!

10.02.2008, 17:44
Ditto Langbaurgh in the second section, on one list, but not the other.

10.02.2008, 17:46
The list is the bands who have entered - if they are not on the list they either haven't entered or there's a mistake.

10.02.2008, 19:45
I've published the Predictions for the region, but there are many differences between the two lists. Rather than miss anyone out, I've included ALL the bands and remove them if they're not entered.

The flying scot
10.02.2008, 21:23
Both lists are correct. Langbaurgh and Cottingham have not entered the contest.

Press Officer

10.02.2008, 21:35
Both lists are correct. Langbaurgh and Cottingham have not entered the contest.

Press Officer

Thanks for that. I shall now remove them. Just to clear things up then, when you say "the list is correct", this is the list published above by Colin and not the lists in the "sections" pages? There are also some in the other sections which are in the sections pages but not on the contest page.

10.02.2008, 21:41
You are correct about Cottingham, bad times really have fallen and they still do not have a band to take to the areas.

Interesting to see that the old combination of EYMS and Bob are back together, they will be especially worth watching this year.

11.02.2008, 10:13
The London and Southern Counties Region has a nice site, complete with Results and Gradings


Do all the other egions have their own website? It would be nice to see some consistency across the Board. Maybe the National Committee are striving for this.

Bass Man
11.02.2008, 11:05
I'm looking forward to Fellings first performance in the Championship Section. Should be a good day!

11.02.2008, 11:19
Can anyone tell me if Cottingham are entered? They are on the list of bands on the "First Section" page, but not on the list of bands on the "Regional Contest" page. :confused:

I was told by a former member of the band last week that the band has pretty much folded, which is very sad news, especially given the hard work a number of players put in this time last year to get the band to Darlington.

11.02.2008, 11:43
Right, many thanks to Scott who has cleared up all my queries. I've now made a number of changes to the Predictions. For those who have already made their predictions, it would be advisable to pop back and check if your predictions have been affected by any changes.

Very sorry for the confusion folks. :redface:

16.02.2008, 11:39
It's sad that Cottingham and Langbaurgh seem to have gone. Im sure there are a few dedicated people trying to make things happen. good to see the new bands and the return of lanchester. i things are looking up in the north east. we've got a few new youth bands but lets hope we don't lose anymore bands over the next 12 months. im sure it'll be a good day at the areas though!

17.02.2008, 19:43
As a member of my band pointed out this morning, Greggs band are also absent.

18.02.2008, 00:26
Many thanks for the information chaps. I have now set up the "tMP Official North Of England Thread (http://www.themouthpiece.com/vb/showthread.php?t=31810)" to match each of the other regions, so, I'll lock this one to keep things tidy.

Thanks again for your help. :tup