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01.02.2003, 09:51
Hi All

No list of rules here folks but..... Please remember that the whole purpose of your review is to offer your opinion - this could possibly influence other people's opinion on the subject matter and as such must be written in a pragmatic and constructive manner. No defamatory posts will be tolerated - constructive criticism absolutely, slamming or flaming definately not. We're a great bunch of brass lovers in here and I don't anticipate any of this type of material. Please would you make me or any of the MOD's aware of any innapropriate material.

SUGGESTION: You might wish to break down your review into categories i.e. in the case of an instrument maybe categories such as Intonation, Playability, Look & Feel, and perhaps an Overall category - with a score in each.

HINT: If you set up the thread as a 'Poll', theMouthPiece.com members could offer their overall opinion of the product/item in question :D

Thanks for your support and co-operation.....