View Full Version : who's going to Leamington Contest

26.11.2003, 23:39
Carlton Brass will be there in the 3rd section and win or loose the fun will be in Weatherspoons !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

27.11.2003, 10:00
We'll see you in Wetherspoons when we're done then (2nd section).


However our fun will move onto our sponsors - the Robins Well pub - later in the day.

Di B
27.11.2003, 10:06
Thought all of your band were "loose" anyway Ray :lol: :lol: :wink:

Hope the rehearsals are going well!

See you in the bar.... if I can still see at that point!

27.11.2003, 10:06
Jackfield are playing in the top section. 10 bands apparently!
It's gonna be a late one... should i get the day off work?!
James Pearson
Sop Jackfield Elcock Reisen Band

27.11.2003, 15:33
Venue and timings if anyone has the details

Is it close to the station ?


27.11.2003, 15:40
No timings I'm afraid, but the location is here:


27.11.2003, 18:19
10 bands apparently!

Make that 9, unless our contest secretary has pulled his finger out and got around to withdrawing us - a couple of key players not being able to make it coupled with the need to 'bed in' some new players has made it unviable for us, unfortunately.


27.11.2003, 22:55
I believe the top section is now down to 8, so I guess a place in the top eight is now a real possibility for us!

NB Hi James - Haven't seen you on here before!

See you all on Sunday (unless of course you aren't there!)

28.11.2003, 01:34
Can confirm that Staffs have withdrawn...some kinda lurgie going round the band has left us at somewhat less than full strength. :( And I was just starting to work out how my part went as well......! I'm going to the contest anyway for the beer, so I'll see y'all there.


PS. Hi James - not seen you on tMP before - good to have you around!

the fish
28.11.2003, 20:45
We'll be there in the 2nd section.