View Full Version : Has anyone tried the latest Besson Sovereign cornet?

09.11.2007, 16:47
Had the pleasure of trying the new Besson Sovereign cornet today. I was wondering if anyone has got or tried one?
I found it a very focused instrument & much more solid than Besson of recent times!:sup
Besson is now owned by Buffet & the cornet is made in France, but is this anything to do with the company who made the French Besson trumpet?

I compared the Sovereign to a Xeno but felt the it ran out of steam a bit & produced a thin sound in comparison.(both ML bore):oops:
The build quality of the xeno I tried wasn't brilliant, especially the rattle on the 1st valve trigger! I have xeno trumpet so expected more from the Yammy, or did i just get a duffer??

Any comments or suggestions....