View Full Version : Band parts needed!

29.01.2003, 21:38
IF anyone has a set of Sparks by Kenneth Alford, would they please photocopy some of the band parts.

One of the Shedbuilders found it in our library and pulled it ot only to have half the parts missing!

If anyone does have it, could you copy these for me.

1st and 2nd horns
1st and 2nd Baritones
1st Trom
Bass Trom
Bb Bass

I will of course cover the cost of copying and postage!

Anything to shut the whinging ****** up, even if the rest of the band moan!



29.01.2003, 21:45
2 seconds after puting the request online, i see the debate towards the bottom of the page!

Better cancel that request then (but if anyone is willing or knows where we can get a set - its a boosey band journal no.709, please let me know!)