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Roger Thorne
31.10.2007, 22:25
New Christmas Release
The Fairytale of New York (http://www.thornesmusic.freeserve.co.uk/The%20Fairytale%20of%20New%20York%20Info.htm)

Arranged for Brass Band by Will Elsom

Brass Band Score and Set of Parts - 20.00


A few words from Will . . . . .
The Fairytale of New York is one of those rare things – a Christmas record that has stood the test of time. Written in 1987, it is a perennial Radio favourite, and was voted by VH1 viewers as the best Christmas song of all time.

Why a brass band arrangement?

Every year since 1988, without exception, when doing any form of Christmas job, be it carols at the shopping centre, formal concerts, and even at church services, someone always asks,“Have you got The Fairytale of New York?” to which the answer was always, ”No.”

Justice for Kirsty

Kirsty MacColl was killed in a motorboat incident that should not have happened. 7 years on, Kirsty’s mother and Kirsty's supporters are still pressurising the Mexican Government to allow justice to prevail, and run a website where people can learn how to effectively lobby for the campaign.

More information available at: www.justiceforkirsty.org


Thornes Music has kindly agreed to waive the majority of production costs from this edition, to enable us to raise 14 per copy for the campaign.

Thanks . . .

To: Stan Banks at SPZ and Catherine Walker at Music Sales, Paul McLaughlin and the Fulham Band for practice time, Alan Fernie and Andy Baker for encouragement,
Roger Thorne for time, money, resources and a sense of humour, to Jean MacColl for allowing this venture to support her cause, and to Jem, Shane, Kirsty and the Pogues for such a cracking tune.

Will Elsom


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Will the Sec
31.10.2007, 23:52
This has been a long slog - but I'm thrilled we've got the piece out in time for Christmas.

Please buy a copy for your band. Every penny that can be sent to Justice for Kirsty will be sent, and maybe, just maybe, we'll see justice done.

I expect their to be a lot of interest at Pontins, so please ensure your treasurer brings the band cheque book and another signatory!

01.11.2007, 07:51
Well done Will. Sounds great.

Will the Sec
01.11.2007, 13:46
That's nice to hear, Rapier, but HAVE YOU BOUGHT IT YET?

02.11.2007, 07:59
Yes, as it happens.

Will the Sec
02.11.2007, 12:52
Thank you.

Anno Draconis
02.11.2007, 12:54
:clap: Nice one

I will be buying Middleton band's copy this weekend at Pontins (in the hope that I can convince the MD to replace at least one of the hideous slabs of Xmas Cheese in our pads this year)

Janet Watkins
03.11.2007, 13:10
Nice one Will! :clap:

Dutifully bought online. I only hope there will be some copies left to send out after Pontins.

Stephen2001 is looking forward to getting his trombone around the tune.

Will the Sec
03.11.2007, 13:34
:clap: Nice one

I will be buying Middleton band's copy this weekend at Pontins

I'm afraid that although Roger will be at Pontin's sales will need to be made online.


Forest Gump
04.11.2007, 09:18
For some reason i can't get the sample music or score, how easy is it, and how long is it.

KMJ Recordings
04.11.2007, 10:09
For some reason i can't get the sample music or score, how easy is it, and how long is it.

Have you got Scorch installed?

Will the Sec
19.11.2007, 23:41
I heard the final published version for the first time at Becontree tonight.

Even without percussion, if the band drives through the 12/8 section, it sounds great.

It is going to be played on 1st December at Becontree's Christmas Concert (perhaps disturbingly in a Salvation Army Citadel...) - is anyone playing it earlier than that? Please let me know if you do, and please mention Justice for Kirsty.

Forest, the piece can be played by bands of all abilities. I would expect my old fourth and third section bands to be able to play it, but you will need strong soloists (Trombone and Flugel) and (notwithstanding tonight's comments) a strong kit player.

02.12.2007, 07:45
Whitwell Brass (4th section) are playing it out at a concert for the Rotary Club in Worsop, Notts. on December 9th, not before but not far off. It is a very good arrangement and like Will The Sec says even without percussion it sounds great. I also move the tempo on a little at the 12/8.
As you say it needs strong soloists to carry it off but I have two "good un's" in the respective seats who play it with ease.
Will definitely mention the Justice For Kirsty organisation.