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23.11.2003, 19:13
Please nominate which band you feel deserves the award of 'tMP Best WWW Site' award.

Please note: the band nominated MUST have at least 1 member registered as a user here on tMP before 23rd November 2003.

Please ensure that you include both a link to the nominated Band WWW site and the name of the tMP Member who belongs to that site.

To make your nomination, please simply reply to this thread or to nominate anonymously simply PM John, Roger, Rach, Neal, Peter, Dyl or Ian who will then add your nomination to the list.

23.11.2003, 20:36
I think our band www.granitecitybrass.co.uk has the best site.
It was designed by Mark Arnold so it must be the best. :wink:

23.11.2003, 20:52

featuring myself and Nadia

23.11.2003, 21:01
i think the Battle town band website takes some beeting http://homepage.ntlworld.com/sadmuso/ and i think the tmp member from there is catchyname goes here

23.11.2003, 21:27
I would like to nominate our very own sparkling_quavers' creation


23.11.2003, 23:33
Has to be ours - www.harrogateband.org, and of course the sister site www.ibew.co.uk!

Rach x

24.11.2003, 08:29
hehe il go for brassneck too :) mp3's coming soon by the way :D

24.11.2003, 13:39
I would like to nominate our very own sparkling_quavers' creation


agreed SQ the best!!

24.11.2003, 13:59
Has to be ours - www.harrogateband.org, and of course the sister site www.ibew.co.uk!

Rach x
What she says - best brass band resource site on the net ;)

24.11.2003, 14:00
If you're looking for good band websites then look no further than the website of The Lochgelly Band (http://www.lochgellyband.com). Look out for the Christmas themed version coming online throughout December.

Nominated by John Martin, Eb Bass player with Lochgelly.

24.11.2003, 15:49
Surely it's cheating if you vote for your own band's site ;)

24.11.2003, 16:01
i'll have to nominate ours!


It's a good site actually.

24.11.2003, 18:00
Well I'll have to do the same as well
Long Eatons site www.lespb.co.uk

25.11.2003, 10:28
It has to be www.crewecoop.co.uk unles it's www.britcliffe.net or maybe its www.jamesbritcliffe.com

I just thought of a new award - how about the tMP member with the most websites? I have 3 at present.

Alan Wyn Pritchard
05.12.2003, 11:39
8) Having looked at various sites over the last year I think you would need to go a long way to better the Deiniolen Band Web site: www.deiniolenband.org.uk

05.12.2003, 15:03
I'm nominating our website www.chicityband.co.uk and not because I'm a member.

The website looks good and has been constructed in a professional way by our Bass Trombonist who is "in the trade". It looks good and has lots of features, including: seperate biogs and pics for all the band members, audio clips, programme listings and newspaper clippings going back years.

The website is updated on a regular basis and pictures and reports are normally posted on the site within 24 hours of it happening.

Anyone who follows the band can get al the latest news from our site and also detailed information of upcoming gigs and how to get there.

The website doesn't just tell you who we are, it's an invaluable source of information for supporters and for the band members themselves who have their own section. We are able to contact anyone in the band who has web access via the site and can contact all members with one e-mail!!

You can keep your sites with flashy graphics as far as I'm concerned. I think our website is the dog's danglies and I've not seen much better. :D

05.12.2003, 18:03

Tis cool, and I really like the background CSS codes! :D