View Full Version : Who's going to win the Scottish Open?

20.11.2003, 11:55
Might as well start this thread, not long to go now.

According to the 4Barsrest rankings the result should be:

1 Tredegar
2 Whitburn
3 Kirkie
4 Sellers
5 Co-op
6 Besses
8 Kinneil
9 Fishburn
10 Freckleton
11 Kingdom
12 Hepworth
13 Newtongrange
14 Carriden
15 Broxburn

I would be surprised if it went according the rankings as any of the top 8 bands are in with a shout of winning it on the day.

This could throw up some surprises as I looks to be a very 'open' contest. The draw will definitely play a big part in the results.

My top 3 are Sellers, Tredegar, Whitburn with Kirkie, Co-op, Kinneil & Besses fighting for the other places.

20.11.2003, 13:55
I would place Freckleton higher up than 10th. They had a bad day at Pontins but finishing 4 clear points at Fleetwood and that fact that Paganini really suits their style should put them in to top 5!

20.11.2003, 16:35
Should be a great day whatever happens.

Funny feeling for Sellers and the Co.

Mon Kinneil!!!!! :lol:

20.11.2003, 16:44
How do you mean funny feeling? Is that a good thing or a bad thing? :wink:


20.11.2003, 16:52
Top four of Tredegar, Whitburn, Sellers, Co was my guess, but now we've got the draw (kind of) not so sure about an order ! It'll be an interesting contest though .. would've liked Fodens there, hopefully one of the top half dozen bands will brave a trip north next year :D

20.11.2003, 19:02
Well, I predicted Scotland would beat Holland in Amsterdam so my crystal ball is definitely for the scrapheap but I'll go for Tredegar to win.

21.11.2003, 00:49
Don't know if it's good or bad Alexandra! Just a gut feeling, a hunch! Think you will do well. But I hope kinneil win :lol:


21.11.2003, 12:40
Just well looking forward to the contest, something new and exciting, well done the scots, should be a fantastic weekend of banding and beer!!!

Naomi McFadyen
21.11.2003, 13:44
who'll win??


One of the bands competing I reckon! ;-) :-P

Good luck to all taking part!

21.11.2003, 15:46
Naomi has anyone ever told you that you look very much like a young composer/conductor here in Scotland?

jamie the euph
21.11.2003, 20:02
Personally i think that because fodens have withdrawn the clear favourites have to be Tradegar and i think they'll walk it!no problems at all best band there!no doubt at all!

21.11.2003, 20:15
I think that Tregdegar are one of the favourites but... I have a feeling it will between Scottish Co-op (Russell Gray) and Whitburn (Andy Duncan).

Neil Samuel

25.11.2003, 01:36
I'm going for Sellers. I think that they are a class outfit - and they have the boy, Mark Bousie on euph. I think that he is an absolutely stunning player and perhaps one of the nicest, kindest guys you could ever meet.

25.11.2003, 09:40
1 - Scottish Co-op
2 - Tredegar
3 - Whitburn
4 - Sellers
5 - Kirkintilloch
6 - Hepworth


25.11.2003, 13:20
Got a funny feeling that Freckleton will come higher also.
Their conductor Paul Dalton is extremely skilled and they are a great outfit.
Good luck boys.

25.11.2003, 13:23
I'd go for Freck giving a good show too. They did a cracking performance of Paganini when I was in the band (my last contest with them I think) and as John states, a very under-rated conductor in my opinion. Paul is a true musician.

25.11.2003, 13:24
I'm not going to have a guess at any predictions but I just want to say good luck to Hepworth and come on Sellers!!

You're so right meeglioni, Bousie's a top lad!!


25.11.2003, 16:38

Is that a Mighty Hepworth uniform you have on your picture? Hope all is well on the good ship Sellers.

Come On Hepworth!

25.11.2003, 19:32
Noo idea who's going to win, I think it's going to be a close call. Hepworth have as good a band as any in the contest right now. Especially with the edition of the almighty Nicholas Young!

What I do know is that after many hours of study, the best anagram of Paganini Variations i can work out is..."A Vagina Inspiration!"

I can relax now my work is done. I think this is unbeatable!!
Deave - 3rdman@sellers

26.11.2003, 15:14
It certainly is Dave, come on Hepworth!! I'm looking forward to seeing you all on Sunday.

Almighty Nick Young eh Deave?! He's definately up for it, he's even been practicing! And I must say, your pedal C's are amazing!!


26.11.2003, 15:24
Hi Jayne.
Had to buy a new set of parts for 'pag' up at Hepworth. The second bari part was unreadable. It's just covered in fingerings over the top of every note. Hoppiebari wasn't impressed. Anyway good luck.


P.s, You know I dont mean it Jayne (about the good luck that is!)


COME ON HEPWORTH!!! :twisted:

26.11.2003, 15:44
Mark you cheeky little scally!! Steve may have found all my fingering helpful! I'm trying to think what I wrote on my part, I'm sure it was all useful information!!

I'll see you tomorrow morning bright and early for lovely uni band.


26.11.2003, 17:21
Steve may have found all my fingering helpful!
:shock: :oops: :shock: BLLEURGH!!!
The imagery Jayne...sometimes I hate having a vivid imagination.

That aside, my twopennorth:-

1. Tredegar
2. Sellers
3. Whitburn
4. Kirkie
5. Hepworth
6. Co-op

Have a great time all of you.....a pint of heavy for me.


27.11.2003, 09:13
Eww Nigel!! Lee will have you!


28.11.2003, 01:32
1. Kirkie
2. Kinneil
3. Whitburn
4. Tredegar
5. Sellers
6. Co-op

Going for an all Scottish first three!! :wink:

Got a feeling it could be Kirkie's day and they take the title, especially with Frank Renton at the helm on this particular piece. Confident also that Allan Ramsay will pull a top drawer performance from the Kinneil team ensuring that they feature in the top placings. To complete the scottish trio Whitburn will be up there too.

Perhaps a bit biased but there you go.

Looking forward to a great day's contesting.

Ray Collins

28.11.2003, 11:33
Good luck to all the bands competing this weekend.

Should be a great contest.

:lol: :D :) :lol:

Naomi McFadyen
28.11.2003, 16:24
Naomi has anyone ever told you that you look very much like a young composer/conductor here in Scotland?

:shock: no! lol!

28.11.2003, 16:29
When Naomi eats a banana (beurgh)... an amazing transformation takes place....
Naomi IS James McFayden... :!:

Naomi McFadyen
28.11.2003, 16:33
:shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock:

28.11.2003, 17:34
To be honest, I think she kind of looks like Alan Duguid!!!

Is that who you are on about Moy?

28.11.2003, 20:55
Naomi has anyone ever told you that you look very much like a young composer/conductor here in Scotland?

:shock: no! lol!

No not any more now you have changed your picture. :wink: :wink:

Naomi McFadyen
28.11.2003, 23:26
PHEW! My plan worked ;-)

28.11.2003, 23:34
Sorry if I made you change your photo.....didn't mean you to do that.
It's ok you are the better looking :wink:

30.11.2003, 00:21
Cheers Moira!

I guess my plan to become a banding sex symbol hasn't worked after all..... Pants!

Alan Duguid

30.11.2003, 00:59
Good luck to everyone playing in the Open!!!!!

30.11.2003, 04:28
Cheers Moira!

I guess my plan to become a banding sex symbol hasn't worked after all..... Pants!

Alan Duguid

Now who said it was you Alan? :wink:
Mind you ...you could always add a photo and let us decide.
Sex symbol Alan .......you are and always will be. :wink: