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19.11.2003, 16:25
I tried to send a PM to 2 people at once, but I can't work out how to do it. Is this possible or is it something only Moderators are allowed to do?

19.11.2003, 16:41
As far as I can see, private messages are one-to-one.
sorry BMB.

19.11.2003, 17:00
I have sent messages and have noticed they don't always go out immediately. I think they wait until the other person is online.......or is that daft? :oops:

19.11.2003, 17:19
no, not daft - you have the right of it - sort of.

They don't really "go out" as such - remember that we're all on one server here.

PMs are logged on the system when you "send" it, and are marked as "unread" until the recipient logs on and reads them.

This means they sit in your "outbox" until they're read, at which time a copy is made to your sent box.


19.11.2003, 17:21
Well pleased ' cause thats really what I meant. You put it so much better though.
Not bad for an old woman in her 50's though eh?????

edited because this old woman couldn't spell :wink:

19.11.2003, 17:30
Well pleases ' cause thats really what I meant. You put it so much better though.
Not bad for an pld woman in her 50's though eh?????

50's.... what... 50's.... you gotta be kiddin me Moy, by your avatar I'd have out you in your late 20's that's all... :D :D


19.11.2003, 17:44
Well early 50's. :wink:

I have always said what a nice man you are. :lol:

19.11.2003, 22:25
My query has been hijacked by a luv-in. Pack it in you're making my computer blush... :wink:

19.11.2003, 22:32
too true, BMB - sickening isn't it..

anyway - I trust your query has been suitably addressed?

19.11.2003, 22:51
:oops: :cry: :shock: :wink: