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31.05.2007, 13:46
What's New to the IBEW - entries for May 2007

* - Websites which have changed address

Brass Bands
Bedale Brass Band (http://www.bedalebrassband.org.uk)*
Bugle Silver Band (http://www.bugleband.co.uk)*
Ceramic Brass (http://www.myspace.com/ceramicbrass)
Chester Brass Band (http://www.chesterbrass.com/)*
Cottingham Band (http://www.thecottinghamband.org.uk)*
Downton Band (http://www.downtonband.org.uk)*
Eccleston Brass Band (http://www.ecclestonbrass.co.uk/)
Heathfield Silver Band (http://www.heathfieldsilverband.co.uk)
Knighton Town Silver Band (http://www.ktsb.co.uk)*
Lingfield Youth Band (http://www.lingfieldyouthband.co.uk)*
Loxley Silver Band (http://www.loxleysilverband.org.uk)
Metropolitan Silver Band (http://www.metunited.org/node/12)*
Mil Spiel Ter Reg 2 (http://www.mstr2.ch)
Oakdale Silver Band (http://www.oakdalevillage.net/oakdaleband.html)
Ogmore Valley Silver Band (http://www.cobwebs.uk.net/alanbach)
Riviera Concert Brass (http://www.rivieraconcertbrass.co.uk)

Brass Ensembles
Brass Duo (http://www.brassduo.de.tl)
Strong Brass Quintet (http://www.strongbrass.net/)*

Wind, Concert & Marching Bands
City of London Winds (http://www.clsw.org.uk)
Ensemble Instrumental Waremmien (http://www.eiw.be)
Knoxville Community Recreation Band (http://www.kcrband.org)
Koninklijke Harmonie Kunst Veredelt Ingelmunster (http://www.kunstveredelt.be)
Mullingar Town Band (http://local.mobhaile.ie/mullingartownband)
North Lincs Community Concert Band (http://www.nlccb.org.uk)
Romford Drum & Trumpet Corps (http://www.rdtc.org)
South Ulster Concert Band (http://www.sucb.org)

The Bandstand (http://www.the-bandstand.co.uk)
Book for All Occasions (http://www.bookforalloccasions.com)
Discount Brass Gear (http://www.brass-gear.com)
The Glass Ensemble (http://www.theglassensemble.co.uk)
Helios UK (http://www.freewebs.com/heliosuk)
Lark in the Morning (http://larkinthemorning.com)
Music Parts (http://www.musicparts.es)
Orchestralguard (http://www.orchestralguard.co.uk)
Robo Cleaning Cloths (http://www.robo-poets.nl)

Darrol Barry (http://www.darrolbarry.net)*
Deutsches Musikfest (http://www.deutsches-musikfest.de)
Fochriw Brass Band (http://www.fochriwhistory.co.uk/page225.htm)
Scottish Borders Brass Band Association (http://www.bordersbrass.org.uk)
Society of Entertainers (http://soe.net.au)

Books and Publications (http://www.harrogateband.org/books.htm)
Best, Christopher - Woodwinds, Brass and Glory - The Most Famous Boys Band in the World - The Vancouver Boys Band: 1895-1982 - Warfleet Press, 2007

Extinct Bands - new/updated entries (http://www.harrogateband.org/misc23.htm)
Fowhope Brass Band
Gwennap Band
Harrowbarrow Band
Hayle Town Band
Kensington Silver Band
Sheviock Prize Band
Sutton Harmonic Band