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08.11.2003, 20:54
Well, I'm sat at home (sad I know on a saturday night), but peter kay is in my dvd player! how good is peter kay! anyway, what's everyone's favourite episode or moment?

mine's got to be ladies night!

08.11.2003, 21:03
the fortune cookie in the chinese restaurant :D
"*beep* flaps" ????!?!?!?!

08.11.2003, 21:31
I like his DVD- I think it's called Peter Kay, Top of the Tower or something, it's very funny! :lol:

08.11.2003, 21:37
I like his DVD- I think it's called Peter Kay, Top of the Tower or something, it's very funny! :lol:

it is indeed!

'booked it, packed it, and *******'d off'!

08.11.2003, 21:47
Lol! :lol:
Garlic........ and Bread?

08.11.2003, 21:49
ITS SPITTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

08.11.2003, 22:00
"when you goin on holiday?"

*checks watch*
"next tuesday"

08.11.2003, 22:09
Lol! :lol:
Garlic........ and Bread?

garlic? bread?

garlic with bread on it?

oh thank you!

08.11.2003, 23:53
and the classic quote from phoenix nights:

"watch your language...there's a kids bike outside!"


Naomi McFadyen
09.11.2003, 01:33
IT'S SPITTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


09.11.2003, 10:43
Genius :D
Raaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyy Von!! Shabba :lol:

Visit of vertically challenged Bolton fans:
How far away are they?? :lol:

Keith Lard :D

09.11.2003, 15:11
watched peter kay on the band bus last night!!! absolutely bloomin hilarious!!!


10.11.2003, 11:08
Loved the bit right at the end of one of the early episodes of series two of Phoenix Nights were he is auditioning acts: a conjuror is on, and releases a dove, only for it to fly up into the ceiling fan, resulting in a shower of feathers - almost as good as Hale & Pace's microwaved cat (with apologies to theRSPCA etc :oops: )

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

10.11.2003, 11:26
Def the last episode of series 2....

Ladies and Gentlemen.......Mr Elton John!!!!! I almost died laughing!

Check out the out takes as well...."Who's That??" (x a million!!!)

Pure genius

However, Bo Selecta! is also class.
Proper Bo I tell thee!!

Big Fella
10.11.2003, 12:57
The out takes atv the end of Top Of The Tower are really good

But the best has to be

" Booked It, Packed It and F@@@ed Off "

11.11.2003, 13:55
He's a genius - the best Phoenix Night's episode is where he has a drunken horse in the bar - 'It's pi**ed' - 'GET IT A KEBAB'
Bloomin great!!!!!

11.11.2003, 17:22
I like the episode where he is being investigated by an undercover DHSS agent for fradulent Disbaility benefits, and he ends up falling for her.

There's one which can;t be repeated which involved an item of ladies jewellery and a salt water based precious gem found in oysters.

But the funniest is when he is on the Kareoke singing, "For you are the Wind beneath my Wheels!!"


Garlic Bread, it's the future I've tasted it. Sunshine Indoors.

11.11.2003, 18:34
walking on the mooooooon

11.11.2003, 18:37
He's so class!!!

I saw him live in Leeds, 6 rows from the front, COME ON!!!!


12.11.2003, 16:42
I thought the Top of the Tower VD was hilarious.

Last night I watched his latest 'Live at Bolton Albert Halls' and nearly died laughing. Especially with the Bullseye stuff and that helium gag at the end.

Is it true that a 3rd series of Phoenix nights is on its way, and that it contains just Max & Paddy?

baldy, baldy bouncer.........

12.11.2003, 17:15
Yeah!! He was telling us all about it when he was doing a question and answer thing at the end. It sounds class!! But he didn't tell us when it comes out on telly.


05.12.2003, 13:59
"hey toilet mouth, there's a childs bike outside"

Best scene has to be when Jerry is doing Chitty Chitty Bang Bang "catch me......." and then of course the alarm on Max's Volvo!! Too many scenes to list really, the man is a genius