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Jan H
30.03.2007, 21:21
Let's suppose you want to go from New York (USA) to Antwerp (Belgium). You try to get the shortest route using Google Maps. Take a look at the result: http://maps.google.com/maps?f=d&hl=en&saddr=New+York,+NY&daddr=Antwerp,+BE&layer=&sll=44.63451,-60.30219&sspn=118.963873,246.445313&ie=UTF8&z=3&om=1

(especially step 23)
:eek: :confused: :lol::lol::lol:

30.03.2007, 21:28
LMAO that's a good one! Somehow I doubt many people would survive...


30.03.2007, 21:58
And who says computer programmers are humourless geeks! Class! :clap:

six pints
31.03.2007, 02:08
doesnt look that far, only takes up half the screen!

Hornblower RN
31.03.2007, 08:45
It could have directed you to the end of the pier....a little less distance to swim:clap: :biggrin: ....thanks for the link

31.03.2007, 15:16
That's brilliant....thank you.:clap: :biggrin: :clap: :biggrin:

17.04.2007, 09:15
Google Maps has obviously been sponsored by some health and fitness organisation, as the recommended route from New York to London is to swim 3000 miles across the Atlantic!!

They also have listened to Brass Band members by offering directions using Pubs as landmarks! :D

TinyURL: http://tinyurl.com/yty8ar


See step 23 and 58

Jan H
17.04.2007, 09:17
We already noticed this a couple of weeks ago (but that was to Antwerp)


17.04.2007, 09:30
Oops.. sorry Jan hadn't noticed that thread!

17.04.2007, 09:32
Oops.. sorry Jan hadn't noticed that thread!

No worries. Merged. ;)

Jan H
17.04.2007, 09:32
no problem ;) it's still funny...

we've merged the two threads.

17.04.2007, 16:55
I always joked to my friend from West Yorkshire that he should write a book entitled 'Navigating round Yorkshire via pubs' cos every time I asked him where something was he'd go 'Remember so-and-so pub that we went to? Well....'

Euphonium players, eh?! :)