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26.02.2007, 10:32
If anyone fancies having a break from their hectic rehearsal schedule for the Regionals, have a break & take yourselves off to the cinema to watch


It's fantastic!!! Not laughed as much for aaaaaaaages. :clap:

26.02.2007, 10:58
Tis hillarious!!!!! Saw it last night, not laughed like that in a while!... oh... so many quotes! :p

26.02.2007, 12:24
Great Big Bushy Beard!!!! :D

26.02.2007, 12:46
indeed its great!! i saw it on friday and i never stopped laughing!!! :clap:

music and lyrics is really good too.....i shouldn't really admit it but i was holding in tears near the end!! :oops: (not because it was so bad before anyone says it!!)

six pints
26.02.2007, 16:55
I watched happy feet tother day... but not at cinema, not been there since harry potter. but yeah, happy feet is good too :)

28.02.2007, 17:14
I went to see Hot Fuzz last week. It was the best film I have seen in ages, absolutely brilliant. It must be good beacuse the cinema was packed, where as there is usually only about five people in it! I would definately recommend going to see it. I agree with Music and Lyrics too, that was very good. I went to see The Good Shepherd (think thats what it was called) last night though and walked out half way though it because I was bored and my friend fell asleep, it was a bit confusing!

Chris Sanders
01.03.2007, 08:18
I reckon Hot Fuzz is better than Shaun of the Dead, the same cast also starred in THIS (http://www.channel4.com/entertainment/tv/microsites/S/spaced/spaced_competition_index.html)

I used to watch it about 5 years ago and loved it!!