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Kari Anson
03.11.2003, 15:59
Hello Good Natured TMPers :D

I'm sure many of you have heard of Simone Rebello, well in case you didn't know I am best friends with her youngest sister Paola and on behalf of Paola, I have a request to make of you all.

The local radion station Beacon FM has been running a competition for all prospective brides to have their wedding all paid for. Over the past few weeks they have received thousands of entries. They have shortlisted 5 finalists, of which Paola is one. Over this coming week listeners will have the opportunity to vote for their favourite and the two with the highest amount of votes go head to head in the "Runaway Bride" competition. The two finalists have to wear a wedding dress and are given 10 and have to get as far away as possible in 24 hours - the one who has got the furthest is the winner and wins a fantastic prize of an all expenses paid wedding.

I am asking you to place your vote for Paola so that she can be in the final two. Voting closes on Friday. As of tomorrow visit www.musicradio.com select the appropriate radion station "Shropshires Beacon FM 103" and then click on the runaway bride link. Presently the internet voting system isn't up and running but you can text vote by sending a "vote Paola" to 07870 150190 - standard text message charges apply. It will take you all of two mins and will mean so much to Paola - and obviously Simone.

Thanks in anticipation.


PS - If any of you own planes or have any connections to airlines please PM me and we can try and come to some type of arrangement (just in case she does make the final 2) :wink:

03.11.2003, 16:18
I'll definately do it for you and get my mates to do it too....good luck!

Kari Anson
03.11.2003, 17:11
I'll definately do it for you and get my mates to do it too....good luck!

Heather that's great and thank you in advance. You have earned your halo :tup

Well so far 20 people have viewed this post so fingers crossed it will generate a few votes.

BTW - I'm trying to send the link to this thread to Simone and Paola just so that they can see what wondeful people you all are.

03.11.2003, 17:31
I'll Vote and tell my band to tonight!!

Can we make a mouthpiece chain to help with the Travel arrangements?
I'd help across some of yorkshire!!

03.11.2003, 20:03
Count me in Kari.... glad to help...

p.s. you need to catch me again - I missed ur txt in MSN...

03.11.2003, 20:12
the link didn't work! will try again, bt just thought wud say incase every1 has that problem!

03.11.2003, 20:13
I'll certainly vote as well - hope Paola gets through!

Rach x

Kari Anson
03.11.2003, 22:15
the link didn't work! will try again, bt just thought wud say incase every1 has that problem!

OK, have just clicked on the link myself and you're right it doesn't work! If you type in the address manually it works though - wierd egh? :roll:

Once again I'd like to express your thanks and also would like to apologise if anyone feels as if I've cashed in on Simone's professional attributes in order to obtain views and thus votes on this thread. Perhaps I'll change the title to "Please help Miss Rebello", just to keep everyopne happy. :D

03.11.2003, 22:31
Kari - you had a comma immed after the url which was 'parsed' by the software and became part of the link. I have removed that comma and it all works OK now...

Kari Anson
04.11.2003, 09:23
Presently the only voting method open is text so please send a text saying "Vote Paola" to 07870 150190. Standard text charges apply. I

04.11.2003, 12:25
Have sent a text

04.11.2003, 15:50
Just sent a text - if this works, I hope we get to see some pics!!

04.11.2003, 18:32
Just voted for her!
There is a contact form now to do it on the website
Hope it helps

04.11.2003, 21:24
Just about to vote, happy to help! :wink:

04.11.2003, 21:39
Just bout to vote - dont number of gigs with simone and its always a fantastic experiance... - D

Kari Anson
05.11.2003, 15:05
Naturally if Paola gets enough votes to go through to the final I will furnish you with photographic evidence.

The internet voting and text are both valid forms of voting. I think it's a bit unfair really, as it surely comes down to how many people you know as to how many votes you get. Let's just hope that Paola's extended friendship to tmp is a distinguishing factor that may get her through.

Kari Anson
10.11.2003, 11:19
PAOLA IS THROUGH!!!!!!!!!! :D :) :o :lol: 8)

It was announced on Beacon FM this morning that Paola had received enough votes to go through to the big final! Thanks tmp.

On Thursday morning at 8am she leaves the headquarters of Beacon FM (Wolverhampton) and has to get as far away as possible in 24 hours. She has to wear a wedding dress (will get photies, I promise) and she only has 10 , a mobile and she's allowed to take her passport. Fingers crossed she gets further than the other contenstant - then she wins her whole wedding.

10.11.2003, 13:35
Congratulations to her, to all at TMP who voted, and to you Kari ,who took up her cause.
Hope she wins the wedding!!

10.11.2003, 18:14
Congrats to her! And wish her all the best in running away!!!! :lol:

10.11.2003, 22:32
Has no one actually explained to her what husbands are like??
If I was her I'd run one way only, never to return!!!!!!! :D

13.11.2003, 17:43
Do you know where she is at the moment? Keeping my fingers crossed...

Kari Anson
13.11.2003, 18:03
Well presently (18:06) GMT she's in Helsinki and is now travelling by road. Jen is definitely getting to San Fransisco - so is mid air! Theoretically one would assume that Jen has won but it's not necessarily the case. Jen doesn't know where Paola has got and vica versa and we're reliabely informed that Jen will be trying to get further than San Fransisco when she gets there. If she is not contactable at 07:30am tomorrow morning - Paola wins by deafult. We know she'll be contactable as we know there is no more flying involved for her. She's on her way to LapLand to see Father Xmas!

You can see the evants unveiling by logging onto www.musicradio.com as you did to vote and then you can see the pictures!

I'll make a posting early tomorrow morning so you can see if she's won!

13.11.2003, 21:46
Sorry - I have only seen this thread today! Sorry I couldn't help, but it sounds like the other massed tmpers were voting well enough to get her through! Congratulations, and if Paola doesn't win, well, she's hopefully had a great time on her trip.

Good Luck! :D

13.11.2003, 22:16
Finland vs America....?
I'm sure she could still win, as she's in Finland, so can continue to travel east and get further away whilst her competitor will be stuck on a plane for longer so will have less time to get further west. :roll:
Interesting that they went in opposite directions around the world :D (or was that in the rules? :? )
Anyway I'm sure this may end up being pretty close!!!
Please keep us posted, and continued good luck to Paola!

Kari Anson
15.11.2003, 18:52
Sorry for the delay on this guys, I've been ill! :( Felling a bit better now so here's the final result! Paola was runner up! :wink:

Paola didn't actually get any further than Finland and Jen stayed in Philadelphia (if that's how you spell it). Jen was further away by approximately 2,000 miles!

Paola did have a great time, although doesn't recommend Finland as a friendly country. I did try explaining to her that wearing a wedding dress probably did distort their view towards her.

Anyway thanks for your well wishes and all of your support.

16.11.2003, 01:29
oh well, get well soon kari, and send our best wishes on to paola for the future.

16.11.2003, 22:49
What a shame..... best wishes to Paola and good luck with the wedding plans.

17.11.2003, 10:05
Definately a shame :(